How social media is stopping your money and how to fix it!

I know you’re probably scratching your head at the title but we promise that by the time you’re done reading this piece, you’ll agree with us and most likely change a couple of things on your social profiles. Well, guess what, better later than never, and better to stop the massacre you’re self-inflicting on your music career now than later!

A lot of marketers and influencers are blasting you with advice on how to build your social media following. And seems they all went to the same webinar cause everyone is yelling loud and clear how you should post as often as possible. Well here’s a bummer for you: it DOESN’T work unless you’re famous! If you got less than 100k followers/likes, their advice does NOT apply to you! And the more often you post, the more likely you are to be muted by the few fans and friends you got. Here’s why…

Famous people often benefit the snowball effect of fame, thus they manage to grow their following just because it becomes cool to follow them and people want to be cool, to fit in. So it is a social factor that influencers don’t talk about that actually directly impacts your numbers, publicity, opportunities. The more people talk about you, the MORE people will talk MORE about you. It is literally the same rich keep getting richer law. I promise you, if they took the same cool pictures from scratch under an anonymous name, nobody would care. We’ll use Instagram as the reference point in this article to help you get a grasp of how things truly work.

For celebs it makes sense and brings direct monetary value to post often as Instagram will help push their content for free to many, many eyeballs because the Instagram algorithm also “thinks” along the lines: everyone is liking them, so they must be good, so I will push them to more users so Instagram ITSELF can get more people to spend more time on the platform so that they FORCE you ADS! Now that you hopefully understood the core of ANY social media platform (numbers > the assumption that it must be good > heavier organic promo by the Artificial Intelligence > more likes and followers due to more exposure > more ads by Instagram pushed to all those new followers > profits for Zuckerberg’s triad! WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram), let’s proceed with why the same rule goes AGAINST your music career and your potential income.

yes, you can piss on everyone’s advice to post more often!

When you’re only a couple thousand followers in, you are not ABLE to generate enough of a buzz to compete with the big players who Instagram is pushing. If you posted even just one photo a day, you will soon irritate your followers and get unfollowed, muted, blocked. Nobody likes following a no-name constantly. Yes, until you’re famous you are considered a nobody 😦 sad but true and we’re here to help!

The solution to this anonymity is planning your posts so that each post feels like an announcement, like an accomplishment. So that the one post a week you make generates some traction and brings in new followers. Let’s get back to the basics of psychology: the more you have of something, the more you take it for granted. This means the more people see of you, the less they want of you. Especially if you’re not rich with famous friends. Keep in mind that every time you post something and it doesn’t get enough likes, Instagram gets triggered and marks your content as not interesting thus LIMITING YOUR FUTURE VISIBILITY! And this applies to every single social media platform. Now even when you do post stuff that matters, no one sees it. Now you see why sponsors are not contacting you?

So how do you get your posts to create a buzz and seem more important than they are? First, get used to promoting your photos every time you upload one even if it is only $5. Those coins add up and when people see the Sponsored mark under, they get the impression you must be someone important if you’re being promoted. Second, make sure you only take clear, high-quality photos. Third, respond to every single comment you get with a reaction, a reply, and an @. 4th, make those captions matter and use less than 10 tags. Develop the ability to speak about normal things in a pompous manner. Example: you just got done with a photoshoot and it was the second time you worked with the same photographer. What will make a shitty impact is saying: thanks to George Banks for his work. Good stuff. What will make a meaningful impact is saying: This was more than a photoshoot. This was a learning experience! If we used only natural light in our first collaboration, now we upgraded to studio lights and I had to learn how to pose in front of the camera! I want to thank George Banks for his genius mind and incredible talent. You always go above and beyond for your clients George! Also, did I mention this entire photoshoot was done for A SINGLE coverart??? That’s right!!! From the +300 photos we took, only ONE will pass the final test and become the cover artwork of my upcoming single, Alien Mule. Thank you everyone and looking forward to your reactions! now THIS will bring you likes, comments, shares, saves, and credibility. Credibility over time translates to serious money! So start talking like a celebrity doing big things all the time and abstain from posting too often!

Apply this knowledge to your content and in 2 years you should be close to hitting a minimum of 50k REAL followers! more followers faster if you promote your photos for $10 a piece for example. Money translates to fame, which will again make you money. The neverending cycle of online business.


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