I Remember by LuckGangKibias, A Boisterous Banger Detailing The Level-Up Progress

The blonde dreadlocks, the artsy demeanor, the facial expressions, the ridiculously catchy hook, the high-end production, the confidence, heck everything about this artist screams A-Star-In-Becoming! The song we’re conversing about today is I Remember by LuckGangKibias. It’s a record that reflects and multiplies the awesomeness one finds in himself when moving up in life. A complete and total banger that assembles flawless rhymes, hard bars, glaring substance, and a most solid music video.

The very first seconds ooze off epicness, with a mystic sound coming closer and closer, rising in anticipation for the artist. And just in a moment, after a short ad-lib like line, “Mothaf*ckin’ 12 cause they can’t stop me”, LuckGangKibias starts rapping with unquestionable conviction: “I remember I was deep, deep down in a pit/ I remember I was stuck and I was on my d*ck/ Now a young n**** really starting to really get rich/ Only here for the check, check, check, check, check/ Vvs round my neck, neck, neck, neck, neck”. The first part of the hook is enough in itself to fill your cup and have you bobbing to the song. Cloning check and neck 5 times each was a touch of genius. In the myriad of songs we reviewed on this website, we NEVER encountered such a simple but effective songwriter move. LuckGangKibias just checkmated his competition.

The second part of the hook turns into a small bridge between the previous, initial bars and the ones that are yet to come. “Only want money I ain’t stuck on no sex/ 2 door coop and I’m doing top speed/ Mothaf*ckin’ 12 cause they can’t stop me”, seeming to cool down for a second only to excitedly pick up the same melodic pattern as the first part: “I remember I was kickin’ doors and I was robbin’/ Speed off on a n**** like a drag race/ I remember when I was in last place/ Now can’t even tell you what’s a last-place”. A major lyrical impact is the admission the artist makes in confessing his past sins. A hard pill to swallow but the grim reality for many men born in surroundings that play against them like a ticking bomb.

In modern fashion, LuckGangKibias keeps the song structure short but abundant, merging a long verse with 2 long choruses in the span of 2 minutes and 46 seconds: “Used to paint a picture/ Hoping and wishing/ GTA status how I’m on a mission/ Had to go and get it/ So I went and got it”. The rap artist shows a capacity for sudden, piercing anger mixed with sincerity surrounding his IDGAF-ness: “You not Percy Miller/ You not about it ’bout it/ Feeling like bankroll/ Only want a bankroll/ Buss a n**** head ’bout a bankroll”, which compels the respect of the audience and the fear of his haters.

The grand vision LuckGangKibias holds of himself is most observable throughout the last part of the verse: “Keep the trip just in case a n**** try to trip/ bout a b*tch that he knew from Jump street was just rip/ Money on money on money on money on money/ Ya we going big on big/ Nah everythang colossal”. It’s critical to mention the momentous flow LuckGangKibias kept during the entire song, holding a tight grip on it and never letting a single dull second take place. He is destined for greatness and major hits success.

LuckGangKibias’s I Remember is a record of extraordinary vehemence that renews the conversation on self-made success while rewarding the listener with an instant earworm and the long-lasting, mood-lifting effect of a modern banger.

Song Credits: Prod. By @IAmQuvn, Engineered by Steve Moore (@BlonedeDread_)

Make sure you support LuckGangKibias by adding I Remember to your playlists on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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