Real One by Vamp Vanity, A Rap Anthem Of Granite Firmness

As 2020 advances eagerly towards a post-Covid era, we’re also evolving music-wise. Today we’re super excited to introduce you to a track that we were bobbing to from the get-go. Vamp Vanity is a new artist on the rise that raps with passionate earnestness, talks about serious things in a breezy manner, and visibly enjoys her own presence for every second of the Real One song, the 4th record off her A Vanity World EP. With a steady flow and sultry voice, Vamp Vanity might just be your next favorite rapper on your hip hop playlist.

Real One lays a most mysterious introductory vibe, with the music having an apocalyptic sound to it. Those long, eerie synth notes almost fool you into thinking this will be a grave, serious track. But it is soon counterbalanced by Vamp Vanity’s sexy but assertive voice “Y’all sleeping on a real one”, reshaping your initial assumptions of the record. As she proceeds to rap the hook, we notice it is split in 2 parts differing from each other in lyrical content but abiding the same flow cadence: “Y’all sleeping on a real one/ Ain’t that always how it go/ F*ck clicks I rock solo/ Ion trust no b*tches NO/ Wasn’t f*ckin’ with me/ When I was broke/ Phony kickin’ it don’t say it just do it b*tch (Aye)/ Don’t say it just do it b*tch/ Let’s go”. Her dashing rap mannerism strikes a chord with the audience, especially with those that prefer crystal-clear, comprehensible wording. She is an artist capable to deliver aggressive bars in a laid-back manner. A feature that the likes of Eve got famous for.

The verse packs a lot of personal confessions: “Got the glock/ Just in case/ Makin’ money moves/ Ion trust the bank”, “I was just broke/ Card on decline decline/ Look at me now”, “I was down ain’t have shit/ Plottin’ on ways I can get the f*ck out”, vividly showing the rupture from her materially-deficient past into her current lifestyle upgrade. Vamp Vanity exhibits a natural gift for smart songwriting, leaving the direct conversational tone for last: “This sh*t here mine b*tch/ I ain’t gotta flex wit somebody else sh*t/ These n****s gassin’ u h*es up/ But y’all really ain’t sh*t (UH UH)/ Humble yo self down cuz that sh*t/ Can get snatched quick”. We would also like to give her credit for her choice of beat. The instrumental is mean, almost menacing, abundant in bass sounds and it holds tight onto the mystery factor from start to end, making Real One a direct competitor with Bodak Yellow. One of those songs that flaunts raw female hustler attitude while staying as far away as possible from try-harding. Vamp Vanity lets the music play in her favor by chiseling her voice and flow to the direction of the beat. We BIG like this one.

After the verse, we get hit with the very earworm-ish hook again, this time with an emphasis on the 2nd part of it: “Say you f*ck with my songs/ Why you ain’t share it/ Say you f*ck with my clothes/ Oh why you ain’t wear it/ Ion give no f*ck/ I still get it out the mud/ Distance myself and stick to the plan/ Observe the people around me/ I ain’t fit in”, reminding us of Vamp Vanity’s skill of depicting hardship as something beautiful, as something necessary to realizing who your true friends are.

Real One will delight all individuals with a go-getter mentality and Vamp Vanity will make a name for herself if she keeps this original, push-and-pull flow style in the overly cloned rap industry.

Song Credits: Desaray Li (Vamp Vanity) – writer; Eddie Rosa (Lil Edd) – engineer; Sogimura (Sogimura Beats) – producer.

Make sure you add Real One to your playlists on Deezer HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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