Party Starter by Antone, A Digital EDM Scrapbook For The Daring Consumers

I really wanted this EDM EP to be different than my previous. It was more of an experience to create than just a music project” – shares Antone, the EDM, Trance, House producer that previously offered us a look into the future with Neon City. Today he’s taking us all to the best secret party you could walk in on. Party Starter will instigate a myriad of reactions from music lovers but will most definitely clarify one thing: Antone is a courageous, bold, and an actually extravagant producer. From mixing instruments that you would never even fathom hearing on the same track, to switching up the music patterns more often than a normal brain is used to, Antone is that lone composer that few believe in when he first starts out and then EVERYONE wants to be like him when he proves his genius.

The first track off Party Starter is the very playful Blueberry, that goes through a metamorphosis of 3 similar but distinct genres in the course of 2 minutes and 17 seconds. The initial sounds give off strong early 2000’s disco vibes à la Kylie Minogue. With that super famous synth going up and down we get a prelude for the transition to the next more rigid auditory motif, which happens right around 1 minute, and that right there is house music. This segment is rather infectious but soon expands itself into modern EDM at 01:46. I wish someone pointed me to the one blueberry that creates these acoustic sensations 😀

Kamikaze, the second song from the compilation, kicks off the atmosphere with a metallic synth and a counterbalancing light trumpet. One wouldn’t expect the two to sound so cohesive together, but Antone yet again dares to basically experiment with sounds to a level that would quite literally feel like bungee jumping in real life. Not for the faint of heart. And with characteristic shock, the song progresses to another melodic sequence, and then to another one, and then to about another 3 patterns consecutively. By the end of the song, you’re left feeling like you’ve just witnessed the patching of a musical quilt in real-time.

Cherry is the 3rd and the steadiest instrumental with the initial notes actually staying with us continuously almost up till the end. Antone went more for a trance vibe with Cherry. It’s a very soothing record, with only a gloomier tint towards the end of the composition marking the exit as a big, unofficial announcement. Cherry might just be the most commercially appealing song off Party Starter.

We just realized the titles are all names of cocktails, drinks, and garnishes used when dealing with alcohol o_O We admit we weren’t ready for this level of creativity. Good job Antone! What’s funny is that the genuine surprise we are experiencing with Lemon Drop, coincides with the cluster of sounds and varying oscillations between the multiple progressions. Did you plan for this Antone??? Cause by now this feels a bit supernatural. It feels like Antone was ahead of the audience all the time. One thing we absolutely must give credit to Antone for is that each EDM sequence off Lemon Drop is good in itself. We just wish he expanded more on a few of them.

Kiwi, funnily enough, starts a bit sarcastic in its arrangement, and it succeeds in holding the audience’s attention throughout the entirety of the song, even when it sways from one EDM template to another. It also manages to increase in musical weight and gravitas, going from lighter synths to much heavier ones as it progresses along. Okay, we’ve changed our mind. THIS is our top favorite track and then comes Cherry.

Before we get to analyze the song, can someone tell us how to make a mellon bomb?? Sounds like good stuff. On a serious note, Mellon Bomb seems the perfect track to conclude the EP with. It’s light-hearted, brings back Antone’s signature sounds, and of course, it meshes more than 3 motifs in under 3 minutes. Love it or hate it but you WILL remember it!

I had the opportunity to spend time with my friend Daniel Hernandez and his mother, Mary Hernandez at their awesome house off Staghorn in El Paso, Texas. I was in the process of moving from El Paso to Long Beach, California and his mother was so kind to let me stay in one of their extra rooms. I would go out to dinner with him and his mother after working on this album. It was a lot of fun and I miss them dearly! So I’d like to give a shout out to them for helping me out so much!” – honestly, given the musical boldness Antone showed in his Party Starter project, this is a humble reminder he is like all of us. But I can’t blame you if you assumed, like those that don’t know the person but have heard the music, that he must be an eclectic looking DJ who gets bored if you talk about anything else other than multi-dimensions and existential construct. As a matter of fact, one very famous YouTuber came to mind when listening to Party Starter. Pierre XO. No kidding, he is top-to-bottom the physical form of Antone’s EP 😮

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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