Only You by Nitti Blanco ft. Glitch, When The Rap And R&B Duality Sounds Better Than Each Genre Alone

Playing with genres is no easy feat by any means. So when an artist manages to combine two vastly different musical influences, we appreciate and applaud. Today’s applause goes out to Nitti Blanco and Glitch, two admirable artists that came together to offer us Only You. A song that you will enjoy for several good reasons: uniquely romantic message, melodic rap verses, very catchy hook, and a brilliant acoustic connection between the two.

When paying close attention to the initial sounds of Only You, the enigmatic vibes are a large presence and a boosting factor for the upcoming hook sung by Glitch: “All I need is you/ All I want is you/ There’s nobody like you/ I wanna be with you/ I do it all for you”. What beautifully stands out is the way the word you sounds separate from the phrases of the hook, creating the effect of prolonged echoes that are tied into each other while the front voice actually fills in the spaces between the yous. Whosever idea that was, it’s a touch of modern musical genius.

The first verse introduces us to the present relationship dynamic: “You, all I want is you/ Can’t no other chick make me feel the way you do/ Shawty turn my rain into sunshine, facts/ And when I’m down and out, shawty always got my back”, raps Nitti Blanco with a melodic flow that’s surprisingly pitch-perfect. He sticks to the root key of the song throughout his entire verse and accordingly, makes it clear he is an artist with a natural gift for music. His voice seems to be in the baritone register and it has this warm, romantic effect on the overall appeal of the song. He then goes to rap about the past that led to the now-present love connection: “Never switched up on me, always kept it A1/ Shawty been a ride or die chick since day 1/ Treat her like a princess, baby girl royalty/ Best thing about her is her honesty and loyalty”. Nitti Blanco’s voice is clear but full, it doesn’t have that dryness that is characteristic of crisp vocals. He ends the verse in an idealistic way by lyrically putting his better half on a pedestal:  “She a different breed, cut from a different fabric/ Gotta nigga addicted, she like a bad habit/ She ain’t worried bout them other hoes, they ain’t got a clue/ When it comes to this relationship, all I want is you”.

The pre-hook that follows the first verse acts like a fine, subtle bridge between Nitti Blanco’s rap and Glitch’s R&B hook. Here is where we notice most Glitch’s singing typology, hinting of Chris Brown mixed with the Weeknd, that closed-sounding voice, almost like a whisper that puts emphasis on the lower notes. Very seductive.

After the 2nd verse follows in the footsteps of the first one, with Nitti Blanco basking in the beauty of his addictive rap, we get an appropriate outro for Only You, with the guitar trading places with the forefront vocals, letting them depart always further and further, thus letting the audience know we’re about to finish hearing the song.

Only You is a song that features modern interplay between R&B tonalities on the hook and Soft Rap on the verses that will instigate appreciation and admiration from listeners of all ages. It uses no curse words whatsoever, making it valid for a young audience as well.

Song Credits: The Legion – Producer; Tommy Tracczz – Artwork Designer; Shane Neal Aka Hektic – Sound Engineer; Anton Lott Aka Nitti Blanco – Songwriter.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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