Yungg Fattz, The Most Likable Rap Artist You’ve Ever Met

You know it’s someone special when the artist is the only act that we were interested in interviewing in the last 2 months. Yungg Fattz is a rapper after our own heart: highly-entertaining lyrics, extremely confident mood at all times, banging instrumentals, and a charisma that doesn’t need much to convince you. The upcoming artist from Long Beach California is someone worthy of talking about as he is heavily swimming against the musical current, he is all about the feel-good vibes while the world is turning on its head preferring dark-themed songs. And yet, our introductory description by no means represents the full strength and appeal of Yungg Fattz. So get to know him from his own words.

Put Your Hands Up Official Music Video By Yungg Fattz

Let’s start off with what inspired the creation of PYHU (short for Put Your Hands Up, the artist’s latest visual): “PYHU is a fun song, a party song. It was made to get people out their seat and be an engaging record for live performing.” Needless to say, the artist decidedly accomplished his mission as PYHU’s reverberating energy has a momentous impact on the listener. And only a couple of seconds into the video, you will notice, as have we, that there’s a whole lot of different people involved in PYHU! That is not an easy feat at all, given the current music industry limbo status. “I had a lot of my close friends and family in PYHU, some of which have actually been included in ALL of my videos. Shooting it turned to be a delicate process as we did it during the pandemic. For that very reason we had two different video shoots so we could include everyone I wanted, just not all at the same time. We also wore masks and took them off only for certain scenes” shares Yungg Fattz. We stan an artist who’s conscious about the ripple effect of respecting everyone’s health around him. As a matter of fact, you can peep some of the masks on their faces throughout the official video.

The artist does an excellent job at self-proclaiming his star quality, “I’m Yungg Fattz so everybody put your hands up/ I’m repping for the North so Long Beach stand-up!/ […]/ I’m the fat man girl you know my sh*t is hot/ And your man is mad what you think I’m not/ I do my thang when I lean with it, rock with it/ Girl do your thing on the floor when you drop get it”, using his high-level energy to its fullest, hyping the atmosphere and making you feel like you’re right there on the video set with the entire crew. If you watched till the end, you’ll have noticed the fun turned… serious real fast at the end. We’re not gonna spoil it for you so we’re only gonna give you a hint through Yungg Fattz’s admission: “My videographer, Jason Martin, wanted to put a political message in there with the song being named Put Your Hands Up. That’s the reason why the end is the way it is. It’s tied into the social injustice and police brutality we got going on right now.

Yungg Fattz

Would you say this is THE song that best represents Yungg Fattz?” we have to ask as PYHU feels glorious both acoustically and visually. It truly does give off a masterpiece aura. The rapper goes to proudly answer: “Absolutely. Put Your Hands Up is to me as What’s My Name is to Snoop Dogg. That one song of mine that everybody likes and loves to see me perform.” We love a self-aware artist. Lesson time for upcoming talent: embrace that one song that you become known for. Way too often artists in their effort to evolve, deny their fans the experience of their top record. It comes with the territory so be mindful of what put your name on the map. Be like Yungg Fattz.

Was rap the only genre you’ve always been interested in?” goes our next question for we’re curious to know if the now-crystal-clear hip hop persona of Yungg Fattz has always been the same, to which we get an extraordinary answer: “Growing up I was a super Michael Jackson fan, so I used to sing until puberty. Then my voice got real deep plus I used to talk in rhymes a lot, so it was a rather easy and natural transition.” WOW! From an MJ superfan to a bonafide rap artist. We would have never guessed it. This goes to show that talent and good music transcends genres. One thing that Yungg Fattz does have in common with the King of Pop is their inclination towards positive messages. ❤ and PS: no, we don’t believe in post-mortem lawsuits as the artist does not stand a fair chance to defend himself.

Like This Official Music Video By Bigg Fattz

Looking at his past music videos, the man did not lie. We definitely recognize the same faces in Like This as in Put Your Hands Up. And we big like the consistency Yungg Fattz provides to his fans: vigorous energy, upbeat music, fun vibes, beautiful people, basically an entire party the whole time. We need this type of artist as much as we need woke acts. If you’re saying we need activist rappers, we say we also need party rockstars. If you say we need conscious lyricists, we say we also need pure entertainers that help us forget about the daily BS. Yung Fattz is a hot contender in the latter category, unapologetically promoting good times and a dash of cockiness.

As for who supports him the most, our featured artist opens up in a most endearing way: “My grandmother was my biggest supporter. She passed away a few months ago. She raised me from 9 months and that’s why I put “in loving memory of Big Mama” at the end of the Put Your Hands Up video and of course my son, Jayson Henderson”. Damn. Right in the feels.

What’s the best part about being a rap artist and what is the most exciting event brought on by your career so far?”, follows our curiosity, and as established already, Yungg Fattz does not disappoint: “Nothing can beat the feeling when you’re on stage and see the excitement on people’s faces, when they sing the songs back, when you realize your music matters. As for the highlights of my career, I would say touring with A Lighter Shade Of Brown, doing shows with the Do Or Die trio, sharing the stage with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Sloan Bone, Dotted Line, and meeting my top favorite Long Beach artist, KXNG Crooked.” Having these names behind him is definitely yet again, a big confirmation of our ever-increasing admiration for Yungg Fattz.

Yungg Fattz

With the independent sphere filled with new artists almost ad nauseam, just how exactly does Yungg Fattz market himself as a unique brand compared to the next rapper? and here ladies and gentlemen, we get, hands down, the dopest answer we could have expected: “My direct lyrics, my energetic delivery, and my bass voice separate me from the rest. Plus I got that that fat boy swagger.” We’re sold. This sincerity and brand awareness will win over anyone, anywhere, anytime.

What is something you had no clue about until after you started doing music seriously?” we ask for our big chunk of readers who are new artists thirsty for knowledge. Yungg Fattz follows with a very informative and valuable answer: “How important it was to own all the rights to your masters and how hard that actually is. Also the amount of work as an independent artist you got to put in as no manager or label is there to support you. And yes, I do own the rights to my music masters” 😀 he surely anticipated y’all train of thoughts 😀

As for other business endeavors, Yungg Fattz has his hands full: “I’m the co-owner of Vision Made Publishing, also CEO and CFO of Barzfest, which is a music festival and the summer jam for independent artists. Also a TV show I’m working on called Barzfest Live. The first episode will be on November 14th. It’s my version of 106 & Park.” Whether he knows it or not, Yungg Fattz is mad ahead of the game with his business moves. And that’s what we been preaching to all you young minds: DIVERSIFY! Never let your talent be limited by the singer role or rapper title. Learn how to make money, how to save it, how to invest it, and generate long-lasting WEALTH. Do that and you’ll never depend on any label.

We’ll end this meaningful interview with a special shout out from Yungg Fattz: “I want to thank God first and foremost. Then my mother Lois Dixon, my best friend, my grandmother, my big mama Dorothy Jennings, my son Jayson Henderson, my dad Omar Montgomery. Thea Murray my H2 fam my S.O.E fam and my brother’s Adam Townn Story’z Hale and my best friend and producer William Boi Blakc Pouncil. And my city, Long Beach California

Ice Cream And Cake Official Music Video By Yungg Fattz

Yungg Fattz is an artist that you won’t find flaws in even if you tried. His music is of a different caliber with magnetic hooks and vibrant instrumentals, while his oh-so-cool personality aids and abets instant appreciation for his presence, artistry, and lyricism.

Reach out directly to Yungg Fattz on Twitter HERE, on Instagram HERE, and on Facebook HERE. Add his music on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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