Top 10 Positive-Vibes Rap Records of 2020

There’s one thing we’ll never have too much of: good vibes. Whatever you’re going through right now, it can be tackled with high spirits and a positive perspective. Also, there’s talks of a possible second lockdown this winter in Europe, so we’re looking at an increasingly grim scenario. Accordingly, we’re going to gift you a top 10 list of records you’ll want to listen to feel better and will help you hold on to the image of a better future. Turn the volume up and feel yourself cause you deserve it!

10. On Top Of The World by Maurice Weeks

From the acutely-organic sounding instrumental, the very melodic hook, and the efortless swag that is palpable in both artists’ raps, On Top Of The World is our go-to record for pumping ourselves up before going to work. Maurice Weeks, the main artist, has that breezy rap demeanor that is charismatic and keeps the audience grooving to the track from start to end. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

9. Pocketful by Scorch

Money talk? check! Excellent production? check! Motivating attitude? Absolutely! Pocketful is that one earworm that you might find yourself humming separately the tune and the raps. The music is just as good as the artist’s flow, rendering the record a double-phased experience. You will listen to it repeatedly to discover both the music and to get closer to Scorch, the rapper. Get the song on Spotify HERE.

8. Like This by Yungg Fattz

Feeling down cause the clubs are closed due to Rona? No worries, Yungg Fattz is here to save you and your cravings for nights out. With a ridiculously catchy hook, uplifting lyrics, and swag for days, Like This is the perfect record for grooving both alone and with your friends on Zoom. Plus you’re guaranteed to big-like him. He’s got some serious acting charisma! Get the song on Spotify HERE.

7. Empty Out Da Tank by Philly M Bradley

Do not judge a book by its cover ’cause this song is NOT its cover artwork. Empty Out Da Tank by Philly M Bradley is shockingly catchy, immaculately-produced, and reverberates positive vibes through and through. If you enjoy the likes of Flo Rida’s globally known records like Good Feeling, Wild Ones, My House, give yourself a pat on the shoulder because you just found your new favorite jam. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

6. Balenciagas by GetRichYoungLT

Balenciagas is an impressively-instant-likable record that flaunts the stress-free lifestyle of being young and uncommitted. It sports a defiant message focusing on the cash gains and not caring about things that don’t pay. We agree. And we like that warm tenor voice GetRichYoungLT offers to the audience. He found his sweet spot on the beat and sticking to it. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

5. Run It Up by JDiggs Tha Prodigy

Albeit usually repping real-life issues and focusing on heavy messages, Run It Up by JDiggs Tha Prodigy features a different side of the artist, portraying his fun self gifting the listeners a modern production executed in the 2000s hip hop style. Getting the money, providing for his family and team, progressing on all levels possible is the central focus of the record. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

4. My Wave by Ka$ino

Ka$ino has literally placed the groove guitar front and center on his song My Wave. With crystal-clear vocals, flaring positivity, and an evident jovial disposition in his rap and singing segments, Ka$ino is rapidly increasing his fanbase and helping listeners feel better while at it. With so many elements in just the right places, at the right time, you will want to eat your breakfast to this song for a morning boost. Get the song on Spotify HERE.

3. I Remember by LuckGangKibias

While it does feature uncesored words, you can’t deny the feel-good atmosphere I Remember evokes with the oustandingly-catchy repetititions like check, check, check, check, check, or neck, neck, neck, neck, neck. We seriously couldn’t stop smiling while listening to this song for days on end. It’s damn near perfect. If you need a record to help elevate your self-esteem and feel like you’re bff with Jay Z, this is the one. Get the song on Spotify HERE.

2. We Ballin by Chad Gray

Chad Gray is becoming one of our top favorites here on B.R.E. as he consistently delivers excellency and overdoes himself every single time. We Ballin is his absolute best record yet! Detailing the past, the present, and the end-result of years-long effort, We Ballin is the ultimate feel-good song that’s perfect for those that never let their doubts or negative emotions take over. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

1. Shine Yo Light by Black Dawn

This is, hands down, the smartest-created record we’ve encountered in 2020. The guys at Black Dawn managed to compose a song that holds equally a deep meaning, a social call for justice, and a serious boost of positive lyrics (duh! just peep the hook: “You have to shine your light for the world to see/ Because it’s time to rise, It’s your destiny/ This world is dark and times are hard/ So, you have to shine your light”). We are in love with the pristine production, clean vocals, and bonafide-earworm hook ❤ Add the song on Spotify HERE.

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