Doing My Thang by Light Truth Feat. RD2D, One Hell Of A Blasting Banger

The initial claps might just remind you of Big Sean’s Dance A$$ hit song, and you would be right as both Doing My Thang and Dance A$$ are in the same lane: boisterous, fun, bonafide bangers that are best digested at parties. Light Truth is paving his path to success with major credibility, dance elements, smart collaborations. The rap artist admits: “I made DMT as a tribute to old-school hip hop music and passion for dancing. Doing My Thang is intended to encourage people to enjoy themselves.” And enjoy yourself you will once you hit that Play button.

Curt ad-libs and heavy claps curiously animate the introductory atmosphere while Light Truth’s voice beams with a full party-mode on: “L-I-G-H Truth/ Is who I be just add a T/ And if you standing next to me/ Then best believe that you gon’ see/ How I pop it then I lock it/ While the girls next to me drop it/ Shoulder leanin’ in this b*tch/ Like I’m young Dro, and I can’t stop it”. Hell to the yeah! This is EXACTLY how a party banger is supposed to sound like: swag-ish, light, friendly, with a note of cockiness. We also observe how Light Truth has a warm baritone voice that makes it insanely easy to like him right away and acoustically follow his presence throughout the entire record. His flow is super fluid, running like water along the sand, completely immersing itself in the direction of the groove-driven bass line.

As Light Truth moves forward with his infectious delivery, he raps straightforwardly about the party vibes: “If I could do this everyday/ Man I would do this every day/ Keep the party on and poppin’/ At the Radio when I play/ Everybody hit the floor/ When the Dj drop the bass/ Mixing vodka with the cranberry or whisky shots ola’”. Never for a moment does it escape your notice that Light Truth is actually enjoying himself, both visually and auditorily. Compared to the likes of Drake who always comes off as a corny try-harder, Light Truth feels genuine and natural.

The music is apparently simple, but only at first sight because it is efficient in its pre-planned simplicity. The electro-synth is flawlessly harmonized with the drum and bass cadence. The violins on the hook are superb and grandiose in their musical impact. The ad-libs are tastefully integrated within the song’s structure, mainly in the background, never becoming distracting. The “ay! ay!” shouts are a smart touch of crowd engagement between the music, the artist, and the audience. Even the autotune on the chorus has its softening role and it is well-received by the overall construct of DMT. Light Truth has HIT SONG written all over this composition. We are pleasantly impressed.

After a hook that feels rather complementary to the main artist than the standing pillar of the song (yes, this is one of those very, very rare tracks where you easily learn to rap the verses before you get a grasp on the hook), we get introduced to the collaborating artist, RD2D who raps with a graver tonality about the same subjects (“My style is expensive, My time is expensive”, “You can catch me in the club”, “This is how we tear the spot up in here”). Albeit having a more serious attitude than Light Truth, the two artists counterbalance each other by offering things the other can’t.

Light Truth has delivered a banger beyond our expectations, granting the audience a bonafide club track, one that you can groove to and dance to. Or make your girl do it for you 😀 In times where the world is filled to the brim with depressing news, Doing My Thang is desperately needed and beautifully-executed on all levels possible.

Song Credits: 1Take Rock Production (Rk’om coats) – Producer; Zack Jacob (Light Truth) – Writer, Composer; Amber Joylane – Video Dance Choreographer

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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