Make A Movie By Cele Cortez, A Splendidly-Sensual Record For The Ladies

As a woman, this song will make you feel treasured, desired, and like the ultimate femme fatale that can have any man she wants. Cele Cortez makes the audience sense a steamy atmosphere in his 2020 release, Make A Movie, through the use of enticing lyrics, gorgeous vocals, and a sleek and polished production. It’s a song keenly constructed to appeal to all the ladies out there who need a glorifying song without feeling objectified. As for Cele Cortez’s voice, think if Jason Derulo sang in a lower tonality and had some vocal classes from The Weeknd. A fine male voice indeed.

The record’s unique and palpable appeal is felt from the getgo when those sexy, acoustic guitar strums make their way to your ears, almost intrusively with no prelude, thus making themselves the building factor upon which the anticipation rises. And sure enough, we hear Cele Cortez beautifully singing the hook: “Baby, baby let me show you what you mean to me/ I can put you on the big screen/ You the best thing I ever seen/ Now I got you like oooweee oooweee/ Girl let’s make a movie/ Now I got you like oooweee oooweee/ Girl let’s make a movie”. Here’s the major shock: the artist looks like a bonafide rap star, yet his voice is ridiculously melodic and R&B-ish. Voiception 😮 What’s even more curious, is that Cele Cortez keeps his natural tonality during the chorus, thus only minimal editing and processing was done on those vocal sequences. For this alone, the artist deserves major APPLAUSE!

After the stupidly-catchy chorus, Cele Cortez goes to rap the first verse, but… he keeps it nice and homogenous in the same fashion as we’ve just heard him singing: “I wake up in the morning feeling fresh what a night!/ I got the camera rollin’ baby just keep doing what I like!/ And Imma keep recording/ Capture every moment/ It’s ya time to hop on top and ride it like you own it”, and here we notice a smooth flow alternation between short phrases and long phrases, both admirably efficient in their message depiction. Cele Cortez just won us over with a star-quality hook and 4 bars. If it was for us, we would end it here because we already know the rest is gonna be fire. But for you, our music-lovers, we’ll break down the rest of this stellar record.

The first verse goes into details about the actions that are about to take place during the “movie” shoot, satisfying the audience’s increasing curiosity: “Oh you genuine, you must of read my mind/ ‘Cause now ya bending over, to RIP you from behind”, “I’ll be done soon got you wet like a monsoon/ Telling me you let me take you to the room like…” Oh he’s good. Cele Cortez knows exactly what words to use and when to use them in order to amplify the mental image created in the listener’s mind. In other words… Cele Cortez could make you see porn with your mind if you couldn’t watch it with your eyes 😀 A master of words.

The second verse follows the pre-built path and borders between singing and rapping: “Pull up, pull up, yeah I’m bout to drop the top/ Revving up my engine when I pull up to tha spot/ Hold up, hold up, yeah I’m chirping off the block/ But when you hit the scene lil mama made it hot!” Notably, the artist uses repetitions in the beginning of the verse to magnify even more so the earworm factor of Make A Movie. This is genius. We appreciate an artist that cares about the entire song to sound catchy and not just the chorus. And as Cele Cortez moves forward, he goes out with a bang (no pun intended), as he gets very graphic yet again: “I know, I know that she like it nice and slow/ It’s the red light district baby here we go/ Imma lick you up, and Imma lick you down/ Take two, baby we gon’ go another round”. He shows the signs of a mainstream songwriter. So keep your eyes on this artist as we’re giving you the privilege to say later on “yeah I knew that guy since he wrote Make A Movie”. Be smart and follow potential as Cele Cortez oozes it through and through.

Make A Movie is more impressive than you might expect. Its mix and master are top-notch. The lyrics are forged with intention. The artist’s vocals are acoustically pleasant, organic-sounding, and mellifluous throughout the entire three minutes. The few ad libs that are present, have an enhancing effect over the song. The laid-back flow is suave and rich in its course. Basically, you’re lucky you get to discover Cele Cortez before the masses do.

Song Credits: Produced by Almari beats; Recorded and mixed by Elijah Flippin; Mastered by Randy of Undercaste; Artwork by Wilo HDesign.

Make sure you add this magnificent record to your playlists on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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