Street Figure By Brent B, When Speaking Your Truth Translates To A Knockout Banger

Rap songs that have authenticity behind them are as rare as a Bugatti Centodieci. Albeit being paired with a fun, rapid flow and an engaging instrumental, Street Figure by Brent B carries a distinct sincerity and a sense of takeover after a takedown. The rap artist is doing precisely what his competition is avoiding: being honest with your audience to the bone. The unbelievably real details might have some of you uncomfortable and most of you – adding Brent B to your motivational playlists. He’s good.

The initial old film projector sound gives off the endless vibe of the Golden Hollywood Age. Which is brilliant to start off with, for the mood it bestows matches the movie-worthy life story of Brent B, “Street Figure is just my truth. From catching my first felony, selling drugs, to dealing with the consequences and byproducts of that life. I also had to shout my hometown, Rock Hill, South Carolina, on the second verse because that city forced me to adjust to life in ways that humbled me to aggressively distance myself from the streets. Plus, music is my therapy and you know, you tell everything to your therapist” beautifully admits the man of the hour. This is self-awareness to just the perfect extent. Not one that engulfs you and leaves you with more questions than before, but one that makes the public like you instantly and join you in your quest to succeed.

Everybody know I’m a street figure/ Got paid for the Js got it gone quicker/ No sleep, no bath, got stones dealer/ Laws posted up the ave hold on killa/ These licks keep calling my phone hitta/ Trapped out we gon’ need another zone n***a/ I ain’t got no plug but we on n***a/ They was telling to the laws they wrong n***a” goes the hook of Street Figure without prevaricating in the least. The flow is super addictive for your ears as Brent B triumphantly raps at incredible speed without losing the coherency or comprehensibility of the spoken words. This is a definite indicator of him having years of practice under his belt. We just wonder how many?!

As Brent B proceeds to rap the first verse, we hear a cool, short ad-lib in the background. We’ve failed to understand exactly what it says but… it gives a fun lift to the beat as it’s unexpected and curt. Like a needed dash of salt when cooking chocolate cake. The awesomely surreal lyrics go to permeate the room: “Caught my first dope case on Houston street/ KPD ATF kicked in my door (BOOM)/ February twenty-fourth, twenty one one/ Had a little left I was really trying get some more/ Judge Carroll heard my case and he gave me ten/ but the sh*t was non agg so I sort of win”. If you still got your mouth open, we get it. We too have been there, done that 😀 The artist’s chronicled events combined with the aggressive voice tone might send you in mental shudders. Good thing we got daredevils like Brent B who share their past with the public and good thing we can learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Brent B then does something intriguing and switches to the present tense, letting us in on his current situation: “You can see it in my life whole family paid/ Came along damn way off section eight/I’m down by law it’s whateva maine/ I can sketch up a scene for the twenty eight/ […]/ I’ma boss take a walk for bout ten k/ Money Works what every hood call me”, having it made clear as day where the origin of Money Works comes from. Read until the end to see where else Brent B used the title!

The second verse acts as a chant and goes through impressive changes, making Brent B’s voice almost unrecognizable: “If they resume checking, where here’s mine/ I’m a king out the jungle with loud pine/ Born in Rock Hill, Rest In Peace O’neal/ Legend down in Texas worldwide respected
Sprayed rounds in the K town/ I came up been stayed down
”. Brent B raps with vehemence and outstanding power in his voice without crossing over to rage. This is something that has been remarkable to us from start to finish: The artist knows to pack the track with vivacious substance without letting it weigh too heavy on the spirits of those listening.

Brent B projects an image of a done-it-all, been-through-it-all artist in his Street Figure single. It is a record that will effortlessly gain new fans for the rapper and make its way to the top of the independent music sphere. His transparency is a humbling experience for the audience as you realize it might take you an entire lifetime to admit to the things he confesses in a 2 minute and 36 seconds record.

Song Credits: LaBrent Epps – writer, Mann On The Track – producer, Brent B – performer, Chi Town – recording and mastering engineer, Brent B Productions Publishing, LLC – publisher, Money Works Music – record label.

Make sure you add this seriously unique record to your playlists on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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