Where’s the Love by Jay Taylor, A Monumental Gospel-Blues Perspective On The State Of The World

If you were a fan of Black Eyed Peas’ Where Is The Love hit song, then today’s record is for you. While lyrically belonging to gospel and musically to blues, Where’s the Love by Jay Taylor methodically transposes the narrative of the BEP from almost twenty years ago to our current times. The singer went where many wouldn’t dare to dream of standing: in the middle of the storm. We invite you on a soul-feeding detour from your daily routine. Speaking truth in tones of blues is more worth it than your news.

The outrageously-skilled vocalist, Jay Taylor, goes to initiate the audience in his transfixing record with a speech that is most natural and demanding of your attention that ultimately states: “We’ve perfected church. Now it’s time to BE the church.” These two lines almost intrinsically show the moment of rupture between being told what to do and understanding that YOU must take action in order to improve whatever you need.

Yo the world is going crazy and our time is running out/ We got babies having babies and the fathers running out/ We got families fighting families and rumors of war/ No we can’t take it no more” goes head-on our protagonist while that airy organ in the background smoothly spreads its suave sound. The weighty, slightly raspy, appealing-by-definition voice (yes, science actually proved we humans, find husky voices more charming) pulls you in enough to make you feel like you should be paying Jay Taylor for allowing you to witness his greatness. “Truth is/ This is my view when I look at the church now/ No standards/ Preachers in the pulpit chasing those skirts now/ We need a change/ Turn our attention and focus on God” – he snapped! Jay Taylor just proved he could send someone to hell and back and they just might say thank you because it sounded good 😀 jokes aside, we can all unanimously agree, no lies were told. We’ll abstain from bashing these unworthy individuals and let Jay tell the story.

The hook augments our already-positive perception of the singer as it is minimalistic, carrying only the title but making vigorous use of higher-pitched supporting vocals. A beautiful balance between a manly voice and ethereal harmonies.

The stunningly frank narrative continues in the second verse as well: “All these politics/ God’s not pleased with it/ Let’s keep it plan/ Is Jesus the same?”, politicians exited the chat. We wonder what Kanye West would say given that he’s got his hands in both jars. “Hold on hold on/ WHITE CHURCH/ Y’all are my brothers and sisters/ You ask for my money I give it/ You see the injustice we live in/ So why aren’t you standing up with us/ Cause every time they kill us your silence is saying/ Your Jesus condones all this hatred/ And these are the workings of satan” – how can a singer be so aware of all that’s happening on a global scale while people who are supposedly qualified to lead us, fail miserably to put two and two together and see why we’re willing to protest for months on end? Someone hack their phones and put Jay Taylor’s tracks in ’em. If they won’t listen to speeches, maybe they’ll listen to music.

Ending the record with a powerful statement, “I just want us to love one another”, Jay Taylor concludes his artistry on Where’s The Love with a double hook and a lingering effect that will continue moving you hours after you’ve listened to the song. “I’ve always had a heart for people and outreach. This song was birthed out of my desire to love people beyond “church standards” and politics. I would hope the takeaway be that NOBODY is perfect. From the person on the corner to the preacher in the pulpit. We’re ALL in need of God’s grace.” – kindly shares Jay Taylor for Blue Rhymez Entertainment. The blues and gospel singer proved his solidarity with all of the seven billion people in less than 4 minutes. Albeit seeming an old-fashioned title, Where’s The Love shortly establishes a monumental perspective from the eyes of an insanely talented artist.

Song Credits: Jeremy Taylor “Jay Taylor” – songwriter, producer, engineer; Cohen Rodgers – mixing and mastering engineer.

Make sure you add this phenomenal record to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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