Whip It by Choppeezy, The Coolest Party You Haven’t Been Invited To

You know it’s a good song when you dance to it and make faces and barely halfway through, you realize what you’re vibing to. Choppeezy employs a faithful description of a certain “culinary” process on his latest track, Whip It, while loading the song with playful intent, addictive flow, effortless delivery. Also the fact that he just freestyled the entire track is absolute novelty in 2020. And when we say he freestyled, we don’t mean that he just rapped on top of the beat. Choppeezy went the whole 9 yards and added a repeated chorus, structured verses, and melodic arrangement for all of the components. Not even Beyoncè on a good day could do that.

Honestly, I was inspired to freestyle by the very name of the beat. It was called Crack made in DaBaby Style. So I took my knowledge from cooking crack and my experience with music to rap the song off of the top of my head.” – true hip hop heads will applaud. Only the real ones know the value of being able to birth a song without prior notes. And a real one he is. Might we add, we are still shocked by the sheer honesty Choppeezy engages in when asked about the record.

The song kicks off with the artist’s subtle breath at the forefront while the savage instrumental is picking up on the sides. We are pretty certain we’ve never heard any other artist do that. While yet again unexpected, it does add a touch of raw energy to the record. Choppeezy hits us with the very highlight of this song, the hook, “Whip it whip it whip it/ Whip it really fast/ Whip it whip it whip it/ Get your cash fast”. Warning: you will catch yourself mumbling whip it repeatedly around the house today later. It’s just too damn catchy not to.

Choppeezy got great taste in music. Did you hear the beat??? As he’s hitting the first verse, that instrumental will have you bouncing off the walls if you’re a dude and legit twerking if you’re a chick. The up-and-down singular synth is outrageously flawless and excellently meshed with the light drums. “You know you need to let it cool off/ Let’s the rocks soft/ Then you need to get it/ Break it off in little pieces y’all/ Put it in the glass/ Take a blast blast off/ Rocket launch to the moon takin’ off” Breaking Bad stans, congrats for a rap earworm that you will indulge in for weeks.

The second verse, almost double in size compared to the first one, expands even more so on this “hobby”, making it almost sound like a closed-door event that only qualified chefs can go to. Maybe Choppeezy is not too far off given that Walter White was a chemistry teacher. Our favorite flow switch is right around here: “Wrist flickin’/ Stop that/ Pop that/ Wear the top hat/ I’m the top cat/ You better know that’s a factTo think that this artistic choice was done on air, while improvising, makes the experience of Whip It that much better. While decidedly the grimmest bars of the song, the following rhymes also point to the genius factor Choppeezy is gifted with: “Gonna be a body bag toe tag/ Here we go we know that/ Cause you better see it in the season/ In the toe tags”. To be noted how the rapper swiftly adapted sing-rapping for a moment then reverted back to his characteristic flow.

Choppeezy brings a whole lot of complex flows and astute rhyming patterns to the table. And that’s just analyzing one song. Whip It succeeds in making something rather illegal sound like the coolest party you’ve never been invited to. The entertaining wordplay and the rhythmic adaptation of the bars on the beat make for a brilliant performance that will easily garner new listeners.

Song Credits: Ivan Rodriguez (Cabo Beats) – Beat Maker; Dustin Back (Choppeezy) – Freestyle Artist, Songwriter; Daniel Thomas – Producer, Sound and Recording Engineer.

Make sure you add this cool record to your playlists on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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  1. Ma homie Choppeezy coldwitit doe!! This article was in-depth af and on point concerning tha different technical intricacies of tha track…I dig dat, Respect. You made this an interesting, informative, and entertaining read as well and that in itself takes a certain skill. 💯💯

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