I Do Me By Yungg Fattz ft. Boi Blakc, A Buoyant Banger Perfect For Go-Getters

You ever heard the bridge section of a song being turned into an entire verse? We neither. Well, that was until Yungg Fattz did the unthinkable and proved once more his visionary rap artist status by skillfully turning the bridge into a core component of I Do Me, his most recent release. The song features Boi Blakc, who’s also the sound engineer of the record, and a long-time friend and collaborator of the rapper. I Do Me is a swag plunge of refined taste and musical quality into one’s material accomplishments.

While decidedly modernly mixed and mastered, those stringent claps and the deep baseline that kick off the record, remind us of the golden hip hop era (the late ’80s until early 2000s). The hook is a shouting statement saying “B*tch I do me”, sometimes multiplying the main vocals with supporting tracks and a very light, smooth reverb. This simple, yet ridiculously catchy hook line is enough on its own to set the tone of a chart-topping record. It’s also entertainingly constructed for it starts slower, like a dialogue sentence, then its pace picks up becoming a show-off phrase with a threatening undertone.

I been doing me from the get-go/ That CEO swag with the sick flow/ Puffing on bomb yeah that indo/ I’m litty Norfin with my kinfolks” – buoyantly raps Yungg Fattz. His usual warm yet badass voice register is a whole party mood and fun to listen to. The flow is rather independent from the beat, pairing up with the music instead of following it, which is seriously harder to pull off successfully. And as he raps about living the life fast like a Maserati, he effortlessly switches his bars’ pattern to match the steep turn the beat takes: “Levi’s and a crew neck/ Arms out wide like who’s next/ My n**** stamps a fool he keep two techs/ While I’m out catching waves on them new Jets/ We call it boats and hoes/ Name brand everything including the clothes/ Damn right I’m a G/ And if you gon’ ask b*tch I do, b*tch I do me!Just when you thought there’s no way on Earth someone could put a new spin to materialism ’cause about a million rappers already did it, Yungg Fattz gets creative with astounding lyrical swiftness. And yes, this was the very part we were shocked about in the beginning. Got used to it after the second listen.

The voice you’re hearing on the hook belongs to Boi Blakc and he’s the one rapping the following verse: “Yea I’m playing to win/ Boss on the track/ When I spit this 10/ I’m a Killa city n****/ Every city I’m in/ Spitting dope boy sh*t/ Balling like Shawn Kemp n****”. Boi Blakc seems to labor up a lot more aggressiveness in his delivery, subsequently setting himself in another lane than Yungg Fattz. Which couldn’t have worked out better for either of the artists as this is exactly how a collab song should sound like: cohesive while flaunting two unique identities. Boi Blakc’s peak moment on the track is right around when he shamelessly declares he’ll take money over a woman any day: “My flavor is so exquisite/ Beat the p*ssy up/ Now I swear she want commitment/ But shawty know the bidnezz tho/ If we ain’t talking ’bout money/ What the f*ck I want commitment fo’?

I Do Me is a bouncy record of special ambition that sustains Yungg Fattz’ reputation of a banger creator. The guy just knows who to work with to bring straight fire to the masses. And Boi Blakc turns out to have an equally appealing voice but in his own original manner.

Song Credits: Big Jezzy – Producer, Yungg Fattz – Artist, Songwriter, Boi Blakc – Songwriter, Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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