Black Man White Benz by ALLHAILKING, A Rap Record Of Particular Vehemency On Black Ownership

Whoever said that only the best get to the top was lying. Because today we discovered an artist that could give Jay Z a run for his money. With an imposing but chilled back flow pursuing a global subject in personal tones, in his latest release titled Black Man White Benz, ALLHAILKING touches on the material truth of the growing black ownership in today’s America. The rap artist’s lyrical thoroughness is tenacious, moving, and empowering. You’ll want to listen to all of ALLHAILKING’s music after just one play of Black Man White Benz.

After a few seconds of far-sounding music, the artist simply says “King” and is followed by a heavy bassline that smoothly builds up the anticipation of the hook: “Black man, white benz/ Started on the bus these ain’t the same ends/ Cartier the frames this ain’t the same lens/ Came in with the team we bought the gang in” ALLHAILKING doesn’t need to resort to too many ad-libs to hype up the record. His baritone register and clear, crisp pronunciation allow the audience to quickly warm up to the song and eagerly wait for what he’s about to say.

F*ck the quarrels I been busy counting money (uh-huh)/ On a Florida beach and everything sunny (uh-huh)/ I been killing sh*t they begging me to slow (uh)/ In ya main thing digging in her slow (uh-huh)/ I told her far as rap goes I’m a God in this sh*t (God!)/ Feel like the only place to put me is the top of the listThe firm tone and the touch of subtle aloofness act as a rich vibes catalyst. The type of song to make you feel wealthy even if you’re broke. After bragging about vegan models that are kissing, ALLHAILKING makes a big claim: “Since Pac died think I’m the realest sh*t they seen/ They drop a beat I leave a murder scene obscene/ Came off the block like why the f*ck I need a top/ Let’s keep it real you ain’t a rapper you a prop/ This ain’t a diss too busy warring with the cops/ They want a deal but I need ownership and stock” The pauses the artist makes before each ending word of each bar, achieve the amazing feat of granting the audience a delicately balanced rap record with an earworm factor. It’s much easier for the public to memorize skillfully emphasized words than just hearing a continuous flow of rhymes. Impressive.

After another hook of smoothly layered vocals and aggressiveness-mixed-with-pride feelings, ALLHAILKING progresses to the second verse in the same fashion: “I told the waiter pour me D’ussé in my Moscow Mule/ I just walked out the Latrine like I’m the sh*t no stool/ How you topping Billboard and still got sticks no pool?/ Only God can judge a King we don’t abide by rules”, the God reference provides an insight into the artist’s moral code, showing he does care at the end of the day, of God’s approval. This spiritual element is a welcome one for it shows the rapper isn’t untouchable or invincible, thus making ALLHAILKING that much more relatable. He also knows how to go out with a bang, leaving the best for last: “From no insurance on the Chevy to a new Cullani/ So when I say I’m Presidential I ain’t talking Donnie/ Ain’t gotta fornicate with thots I know the Queen Dasani/ We building wealth they hate I’m young and black with all this money/ Tell ’em I’m a… Black Man” The conclusion contained in the last bar offers sheer satisfaction to the listener and efficiently summarizes the message of the record.

When asked about the inspiration behind Black Man White Benz, ALLHAILKING shares with Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “This song is so much more than just about a car. Black Americans, or descendants of slaves in America, had to endure Jim Crow and segregation laws that forced our people to sit on the back of public buses. Black businesses were destroyed, black land and homeowners had property taken away from them, but after hundreds of years of suppression, black wealth is at an all-time high and growing in this country.

Black Man White Benz is a phenomenal song of particular vehemency that stresses the material evolution of Black Americans from the overly-suppressed beginnings to the modern thriving freedom. And ALLHAILKING is seriously easy to like as a rap artist. He’s got all the right elements in the right places, at the right moment.

Song Credits: Jamil Marquette Paris (ALLHAILKING) – rapper, songwriter; Sydney Nyamurera (Beatscraze) – Music Producer.

Make sure you add this epic record to your playlists on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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