Don’t Want No Problems by JayDon Omega ft. Ransom, The Next Rap Trend Of Post-Rona Times

Here’s something you won’t hear everywhere: it takes guts to just want to have fun on a rap record. Why? Well, you see, we live in a depraved culture where acting and pretending to be bad sounds cooler than wanting a good time. Sh*t is about to change though. With Rona roaming the streets and brains of everyone everywhere, music fans all over the world are craving good times and good vibes. And JayDon Omega is riding high the wave of post-virus-and-all-else-in-between. Don’t Want No Problems is a high-quality collaboration with another rap artist, Ransom, that offers both artists immense value in their career portfolios. It also boasts an excellent mesh of fun lyrics, grave music, and various flows. It won’t bore you in a play or in a day. You’d need a good month of listening to it before moving to the next song by JayDon Omega.

The introductory synth notes clamp tightly together to create an atmosphere filled with gravitas and musical somberness. Then JayDon Omega goes to kick off the track with the same kind of emphasis: “The intro as I enter as I hit the middle in the center/ My target locked with my johnny glock/ I’ll bust off on a lollypop/ Dogg please don’t get ya molly whopped/ I’m ya bakers man on ya oven top” What you’ll have noticed by now is that JayDon Omega displays a fine skill of splitting his bars right in the middle thus creating variety in his rap before even hitting the rhyme words. A rare feat for many rap artists wait for the last word to play around with the flow adaptation. He also manages to bend the song direction and energy to his favor, making double use of his bass voice. For one, JayDon’s multi-layered vocals take center stage, and secondly, it shortly converts to a veritable chant-like performance. Indeed. A voice that mimics the cadence of revolutionary calls. When it’s ice chill you don’t make it hot/ Dogg straight up top or on the rocks/ But when it rains it pours so when you get wet just sit back and absorb the shock

From the very start, if you’re a visual person, you might have imagined some action movie in slow motion when hearing the music, and you would have hit the bullseye: “You should shake and bake that means shake the spot/ N**** you ain’t trippin’ but they got it cocked/ You should press on before they pull up caught up in the Matrix Neo dodging shots” The pop culture reference is a nice throwback for Millenials and Generation X. JayDon Omega got great movie taste.

The hook joins the first verse in a very jokingly irony, as it initially seems to further deeper the aggressive, threatening tone but lands on a much softer, party-like vibe: “And we don’t want no problems now/ If they do bring them hallows out/ But we rather bring them bottles out/ Said we rather bring them models out” These very last two lines cool off the heavily-charged atmosphere and let the audience relax. But just for a second as you’re about to find out that the collaborating artist takes the badassness reign back and goes in just as hard as JayDon Omega.

Ransom seems to be a strong baritone, accordingly having a smoothing effect on Don’t Want No Problems, despite rapping bars like “You got a problem with it? well that’s your misfortune”. His moment of glory comes around 02:00 after he says “That’s why I keep it locked and loaded”. Ransom does this beautiful thing of turning his rap into a hardcore melodic song. Think of Fat Joe’s Lean Back. When Fat Joe sing-rapped the hook in a manner that had the entire world sing along. Kids included. And no we didn’t have Tik Tok but we had bonafide rap classics. And Ransom got that modern classic touch.

Don’t Want No Problems shows JayDon Omega’s star fabric and mainstream appeal as the artist teases the audience with being about that lifestyle only to drop it all and have fun on the very catchy hook. In a market oversaturated of wannabe Gs, it’s nice to have real men just tryna have fun for a change, as JayDon Omega declared for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “The song is exactly what its title transmits. We wanna have fun and avoid the unnecessary. But if problems do happen to come about, then we don’t have a problem solving them either. But we’d just rather bring the bottles and the models out!” And major props to JayDon Omega for having chosen an equally brilliant performer, Ransom. It takes a confident artist to collaborate with another talented individual.

Song Credits: Jabari Ahmed Azizi Smith (JayDon Omega) – songwriter, performer; David Brooks (Ransom) – lyricist, performer; Andrew Ortega (V8TRAX) – producer.

Make sure you add Don’t Want No Problems to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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