Part Of The Plan by The O, The Banger Of Fall 2020

We know it’s a fat title and we stand by it. If Motorsport by Migos was made to be one with Throw Sum Mo by Rae Sremmurd, you would get exactly Part Of The Plan by The O. This banger is so high up there with the type of production and stupidly appealing flow that it just might make you sit up and start dancing in front of your computer. This perfect, immense record will easily strut its way to your top 5 most replayed songs. Part Of The Plan coalesces badass lyrics, unequivocal swag, and profuse danceability for you to enjoy both in the club and in the comfort of your own home. Too good to pass up.

We already know you’re gonna love the song so we’re just gonna tell you that you can watch the music video HERE. We can’t openly post it up ’cause it has some guns in it and albeit being of top-quality video production, we still risk being flagged as potentially harmful so we’re gonna stay in the clear of that. We’ll tell you this though: if you’re an adult that likes thrillers and has a knack for good stories with unexpected plot twists, go for it!

The song kicks off with a smooth, soft synth that sounds like a high-pitched piano. This airy tune feels like the calm before the storm. In the background you can hear a lower-pitched synth vehemently popping in and out, intensifying the buildup to the beat drop. And at 14 seconds as the ad-lib shouts a short “Go!”, the drums come in beautifully and are only interrupted by about two pauses of complete silence that work out as a potent catalyst for melodic epicness. This is FIRE!

The O joins the beat in a just as rhythmic cadence: “Sparkin’ the leaf/ Make sure you/ Dip it keef/ Smokin the best/ Off the tree/ Yes I’m a beast/ Rock from the West/ To the East/ Really who testin’/ A G? who/ Messin’ wit me?/ Tell me you restin’/ In peace/ Boy I’m the best/ On a beatThe rhymes are curt, strong, and ravenously aggressive. The perfect recipe for a hit record. But hold up! If you thought that was the hook, you were wrong! That was the first part of the first verse. Yes, Part Of The Plan stays gloriously free of boring elements from start to end. The O proceeds to retain the air of an untouchable character: “Check in the streets/ Chasin’ a check/ For the cheese/ I get the neck/ From yo queen/ Never rat racin’/ We don’t catch cases/ We just slap faces/ Stack aces/ Rubber band money/ In black cases/ I just controllin’/ The soul stackin’/ Or foldin’ the doe/ Holdin’ my own/ None of the rappers/ Are on/ They just blowin’/ Their horns” It becomes seriously mesmerizing how many rhymes The O is able to pull off for the same letter combination.

After a couple more bars of the same daunting narrative, in comes the effervescent hook: “I just runnin’ through the racks/ Money fallin’ through my hands/ Overseas on foreign lands/ It was all part of the plan/ Shorty phat know she bad/ She just like to bounce that ass/ I still rollin’ up the gas/ Rubber bands in duffel bagsThe chorus is piercingly cool and shockingly earworm-ish. The ad-libs beam proudly in the background with fun and sheer flex vibes. And rightfully so. If you wrote a record this good, you would show off too. Speaking of, we have a worthy mention from the artist himself, the one and only, The O: “Part Of The Plan had a rather simple organic creation, it wasn’t rocket science haha! I received the email on a 4-hour ride to Greensboro North Carolina from Compose J. When I heard the beat the creativity took over! It was natural and all “Part of the plan” So when it came to filming the mini-movie that was a no-brainer. I contacted Vegas Diego (@camerajunkiesmedia) and he and his team wrote and produced the treatment based on the cover art and the lyrical content of the song. In the end, Camera Junkies Media brought the song to the next level with the accompanying visuals. The storyline just fit perfectly.” That’s the tell-all sign of a winner record. When you don’t think twice about investing in a professional music video.

The second verse is just as histrionic boasting about rapping for a fee, closing deals, tour dates, and signing… faces 😀 we’re just gonna leave that to your imagination. In simple words, Part Of The Plan is a cut above your radio banger. It’s a modern, sensational rap record worthy of a top spot wherever rap is charting.

Song Credits: Ismail Al-Muid (The O) – artist, writer; Daryl White Jr. (Compose J) – producer; Donovan Kinloch (Twin D) – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you add this rap earworm to your playlist on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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