Pre-Release Angels & Pistols by Feddie Scrillz, Heavy Meaning With Commercial Appeal

Some records kick off with an exceptional hook only to become boring during the verses, some only have a good bridge, and some, like today’s record, grow more attractive the more you listen to it. Angels & Pistols marks a momentuous achievment for ScrilltownMO’s CEO, Feddie Scrillz, as it features the artistic side of the multi-talented artist manager. A record that is rooted in real-life street ideology, as per Feddie Scrillz’ statement: “Most street guys have to have something to protect them when they are in the streets on a daily basis. When you’re in the streets your protection is usually the faith of the Angels or the pistol on your side.” The other two featured artists are Mark Free and TreeHigh Codeine.

We are very excited to be able to share the record with you before it even goes public on all streaming platforms, which will happen on Dec 25th (the streaming links will be embedded within this article the day of the official release.) Angels & Pistols confronts the audience with the factual side meshed with the emotional motivation behind the street life. Besides the lyrical weight, it bestows a high-quality production with a doleful piano, layered vocals, subtle ad-libs, impressive flow variations, and a most melodic hook.

Angels & Pistols starts off with the promised, melancholic piano notes, the producer audio stamp, ScrilltownMO’s name tag, and a haunting, repeated whisper saying “On the side of me”. Along with it, we hear an electric guitar strum that elevates the vibe to a sophisticated composition. You can’t go wrong with the piano-guitar duo.

The chorus is a memorable combo of male voices, those of TreeHigh Codeine and Feddie Scrillz: “I got my angels on the side of me/ I got my pistol on the side of me/ I got my angels on the side of me/ I got my pistol on the side of me” The two voices are seamlessly integrated within one another to the point of not knowing there are two different people if you’re not told beforehand.

Mark Free is the one rapping the first verse and subsequently, defining the mood of the record: “I got my angel with me/ My homie set me up/ Almost got me killed/ So now he dead to me/ My momma told me/ That my pride gone/ Be the death of me/ Trappin out the dungeon/ In too deep/ Ain’t no out for me” Mark’s delivery is heightened by the realization that keeping your pistol and the faith in your own angels go hand in hand. You wouldn’t be needing your angels as much if you didn’t carry a pistol on your side. The rapper’s flow reverberates with candor and abides a monochromatic rhythm. The outstanding statement from Mark Free’s verse makes you shudder: “I won’t ever be the victim

The second verse featuring TreeHigh Codeine’s rap, is omnipotent and fills the atmosphere with sung bars, clean raps, an alternation between the two, and a deeper-than-Mariana-trenches bass voice. Compared to Mark Free, TreeHigh Codeine inserts some IDGAF vibes: “But she laying on the right/ Walk up, try me, Imma squeeze”, “I don’t know why these n***** mad ’cause I ain’t done nun.TreeHigh Codeine is the counterbalancing tranquility to Mark Free’s emotionally charged bars.

Angels & Pistols is a rap record of profound heaviness but with a catchy, commercial appeal to it. It won’t leave you feeling spiritually drained. But it will make you feel like you been hustling your entire life when you’re just bobbing in your bedroom in front of your computer.

Streaming links to be added on Dec 25th. Audio file courtesy of ScrilltownMO. Special thanks to Nate Green Sr.

Song Credits: Mark Freeman (Mark Free) – rap artist, songwriter; Bobby Payne (TreeHigh Codeine) – rap artist, songwriter; Nate Green Sr. – artist, ScrilltownMO CEO.

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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