100K by Cannon Caraballo, An Entire Movie Experience In Less Than 3 Minutes

If you miss going to the movies, look no further! Cannon Caraballo is a monster storyteller with the undeniable power of arousing fascination and creating imagery in the audience’s mind through his aggressive voice, perfectly patterned bars, astute sound effects, and unique choice of instrumental. The guy swings effortlessly between raw rap on the verses and the on-pitch, catchy hook of his latest record, 100K. The song goes from feeling like a horror thriller to a club banger to an in-your-face statement. You get to feel like you’ve just watched an entire movie in only two minutes and forty-one seconds. This song is FIRE.

Those grim, airy, damned bells feel eery AF. If you’re not seeing a red balloon going up in the air in an amusement park by now, you haven’t watched enough horror movies in your lifetime. Then you get hit shortly after with a “You are watching a master at work” announcement. Well damn. Let the purge begin! “Money dance on twenty K/ Move up to thirty K/ Or why not forty K/ Fifty K, sixty K/ Cannon seventy K/ Going for eighty K/ Landed on ninety K/ King at a hunnid K

The hook boasts a rightful bigger-than-life vibe and it gets you moving. If not with your entire body, with your head first and arms second. Don’t worry if you look like an idiot. We did too. Cannon Caraballo’s voice is in this amazingly weird place of mixing hip hop characteristic barks with a melodic motif for the hook. He’s basically sing-rap-barking. How???

U.M god they couldn’t fade me/ F*ck three-sixty! Do six-eighty/ Cannon kill ’em on the streams/ Tony Hawk pro skater/ Boy I pull up all black/ Tinted up dark Vader/ Bad b*tch duffle bag/ Two tracks I went major” Yo… That Dementor-like sound referencing Darth Vader is PURE EPICNESS! Why can’t all rap artists be as creative? Lame trappers would be broke overnight. Cannon Caraballo is clearly a true entertainer. His flow is insanely consistent and relatively fast-paced while excellently following the beat layout: “Money over b*tches/ Cannon run the globe/ N**** stepped out the throne/ Went and brought the title home” That should be the new 2021 mantra. Drop the bros, drop the ho*s and get your money. Now THIS is an artist after our own heart ⭐

The second verse follows in the same daunting footsteps and after boasting about his badassness, Cannon Caraballo gets surprisingly emotional, thus showing his vulnerable, relatable side. Oh, and that’s how we understood he’s actually human 😀 “Bumping Slim Shady them cold nights survive with the kid/ Out retirement returning with a couple hits/ Them cold nights made me heartless when it’s hard to give/ Out of retirement returning with a couple hits” Cannon Caraballo, we at Blue Rhymez Entertainment demand, pretty please, a front-row ticket to your first show in Italy. Thank you in advance!

Here’s the crazy thing though. Behind this bonafide banger, there’s a lot of real-life pain and struggle that had to be overcome first: “I gave the music business a consistent run for 15 years. It all came to a stop when my dog Oso died 3 years ago. It destroyed my entire life! I lost weight, motivation, sleep, and dived into a full-fledged depression. God knows how, but in the midst of all THAT, I wrote one record. It was called “Money Dance.” 5 months into marketing the record, my sister Yazmin falls in the hospital and passes away due to heart failure. Again, with my world torn up, I once more leave music to grieve her loss. An entire year later, I signed up with United Masters and to my absolute shock, Money Dance hit 16k streams in its first week!!! I knew to beat the iron while it’s hot so I came up with 100K to keep the momentum going. Major shout out to BeatDeamons for the dope instrumental! I engineered the song myself and there you have it! 100K.” Is it just us or this would make an insanely good movie plot??? Jokes aside, we’re sorry Cannon Caraballo had to go through this to get such a remarkable song out, but the best art is rooted in pain. If anything, this attests to his burgeoning stardom.

Words are a lil bit pointless here. 100K has it all: an earworm hook, a hyped-up flow, barking vocal technique, an awesomely scary instrumental, and best of all, a real artist with a real story. If you like rap music and don’t add this record to your playlist after reading this article, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Song Credits: Anthony Caraballo (Cannon Caraballo) – Artist, Songwriter, Sound Engineer; Cynthia Caraballo – Executive Manager; BeatDeamons – Music Producer.

Make sure you add this behemoth of a banger to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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