Young G’z by SonicTNB ft. Ayo, A Deep Chronicle Piece On Top-Notch Production

This week we’re on a roll as we got our hands on yet another song that strikes you as outstanding within the first seconds. Young G’z by SonicTNB featuring Ayo, is a stellar rap record that features a theatrical approach engulfed in intentional villain-like delivery. When SonicTNB raps, you listen. “Young G’z is a statement after having witnessed my own growth both personally and musically. Also for having ultimately realized that whether you’re doing bad or good, some people will just never like you. That however, must never be given enough power to taint your vision of yourself.” – shares SonicTNB for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Flow sick I don’t need a doctor/ Ain’t no cure for this rap disease/ N***** hating cause I’m a f*cking God/ Ah, ah, ah” goes the intro of Young G’z. The 4 bars, 3 comprised of words and the 4th of barking ad-libs, are nicely separated creating reverent anticipation. The voice tonality sounds like your mischievous self that you try to keep hidden at all times. Very promising!

The bass is heavily felt but not overdone. It merges into a beautiful singularity with the much lighter drums. The piano is the ethereal touch that holds an air of mysticism over the rest of the instruments. The distantly layered violins are a smooth feature and soften the overall vibe. It is, simply but, a top produced record.

The first verse, led by our very main character, SonicTNB, masterfully explains the provenience of that evilish voice that we noticed right away in the intro: “All these n***** out here pray me/ N***** bow down, like the king I be/ What’s Zusus, when compared to me?/ Born from hell, from the flames beneath” The rap artist’s flow is easily digestible, keeps the same fast pace from start to end, and at its top moment takes the message back to the ’90s rap founders code: “Real G’s n**** never hate/ We taking over moving state to state/ Don’t try to school n****/ On how to move/ If you ain’t moving no type of weightSonicTNB raps with such energy and authentic drive that you might just get sucked in and hang on to his every word. Precious trait for an upcoming artist.

The hook is somewhat slower constructed and acts as a bridge between SonicTNB and Ayo. Top worth mentioning bars: “Now they see the money, Now you wanna come around me/ I never keep a f*ck boy around me/ ‘Cause that’s the type of n**** that will try and rob me

Ayo matches SonicTNB in sheer lyrical power and flaunts an equally Terminator-like demeanor. Ayo manages to remarkably intercalate his vulnerability amongst the hardcore bars: “Shed a lot of tears cutting onions up/ Lost a lot of the bros to this street sh*t/ Stay on my toes tell ’em keep up/ Made a lot of bands off they fryer pan/ And I keep it tucked I ain’t getting jammed/ Got kids to feed taking care of fam/ So I hit the booth watch me level up” Peep his breathing technique! The guy NEVER runs out of breath. Wow!

After one more hook repeat, first with no drums, then with drums included, we’ve reached the end of the record. In conclusion, Young G’z is a song that develops its narrative in simultaneous places, from the struggling past, the rap skills, the street code, the threats, to the loss of friends and “cutting onions.” Young G’z is not just a banger and SonicTNB is not just a rapper. Young G’z is a revealing chronicle piece from an upcoming star named SonicTNB.

Song Credits: Leony Suero(SonicTNB)- Artist, Songwriter; Anthony Ortiz (Ayo)- Artist, Songwriter.

Make sure you add Young G’z to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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