Just Smile by ALL1, Your Initiation In Reggae Pop By A Gorgeous Yogi

We know exactly what initiation means and we weren’t lying either. Shraddha Woltron, otherwise known as ALL1 when being a musician, had us cheerfully bob while singing “Just smile, just smile, just smile/ Everything gonna be just fine/ Don’t give up hope it’ll all be fine/ When you let go of the yours and the mine!” ALL1 transitions from wild yoga entertainer to a sweet singer with a dazzling effortlessness in her debut record, Just Smile. Best part? The song is actually a phenomenal Reggae-Pop piece and the girl sings beautifully.

You notice right off the bat that Just Smile is a soul-pleasing record of pure joy and authentic sincerity. With a sweet “hey ya hey ya yay”, ALL1 dives into singing with her unmistakeable soprano voice the aforementioned lyrics and continues to delve in philosophical thoughts: “With an open heart you have the choice/ To speak freedom and uplift your voice/ Each story has two sides/ See clarity through untainted eyes” We wonder how would have historical speeches sounded had they been put on such airy, lightweight vocals. Granted, we would have had fewer action movies based on the past but we’re pretty sure we’d have equally had a greener planet and nicer humanity.

The staccato chords played by the acoustic guitar are light on the volume but firm in their structure and arrangement. ALL1’s vocals are pretty flawless, excellently delivered, and perfectly produced. We know we’re going heavy on compliments with this one, but this is what we hear! The music and the vocal tracks sound great together but they don’t ever become one, which is just what a Reggae-Pop record is about: creating an organic composition without blending the elements too much.

Create to motivate/ Meditate to regenerate/ You are, we are a collective state/ Open possibilities/ To be infinitely great” – this part takes us right back to Shraddha’s IG posts that we were stuck on until consumed entirely. From using a banana as a phone, talking to trees, singing while doing a headstand, to some fascinating back shots that’ll have you looking at it for longer than you should, whether you’re a guy or a gal. She does sing about what she lives: infinitely great possibilities 😀 Such a raw, fun entertainer. We almost bought the cacao powder she advertises on her website in the hopes that we too we’ll get tuned into Shraddha’s superior levels of energy 😀

Know yourself, the self deep down/ Under the gown, be the master of your crown/ If you’re unhappy being the crowd, all the same/ Turn it around, don’t project no blame/ Rumi said love is our mother/ All family one sister and one brother” – woosh! Talk about self-responsibility. ALL1 manages to turn an eternally heavy message into positive vibes and mood for days.

Just Smile was inspired by 2020 and by having seen the divide between people as some were finding it such a hard change to deal with. I have always had this joy in making everyone smile and my songs satisfy that urge in music. I’m hoping that, for someone struggling with current times, Just Smile would be a reminder that the news on TV is not the only reality.” – shares Shraddha exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Just Smile will leave you in an ever-growing feel-good loop. The already very rare combo of reggae-pop music, adorably sweet voice, and unfair good looks is enough to get the best of your curiosity and have you binge-watch-listen-look-obsess over ALL1.

Make sure you add this ridiculously good record to your feel-good playlists on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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