5 Telltale Signs Of Fake YouTube Views

It’s a subject hard to swallow as many upcoming artists have fallen into the desperate-for-views trap and have purchased considerable amounts of bot traffic to their YouTube videos. This will only seriously damage your reputation and push away potential sponsors and business partnerships. However, some of you employ so called managers and then they have you think you’re blowing up with tens of thousands of views when in actuality, your unprofessional manager just bought a view bundle for your social media and that’s the laziest cop out from developing an artist: have them THINK you’re advancing their music when all you’re doing is driving their credibility to the grave. If you are unsure whether your views are real or not, these are 5 telltale signs of fake YouTube views.

5. The engagement ratio is low.

This is the top classic denominator for views-only packages. Some sellers got smarter and sell likes and comments along with the views. Usually, purchasing just views is the cheapest way to go around inflated buzz. So if you got about 50K views and only 3 comments and not even 100 likes, that “popularity” is non-existent.

4. The comments are irrelevant.

Fake comments on YouTube on a music video

Usually purchased comments are vain, over-simplistic, and could apply to any video on YouTube. If all comments predominantly say nice, wow, super, cool, useful video, like back, enjoyed this, etc. They are bought comments. Real comments say real things that speak specifically about the audiovisuals of the video you’re watching.

3. The users engaging with the video are dubious.

We know there are trolls but amongst the trolls, there are also a lot of real people who are not hiding who they are and what they think. When you notice someone’s comment section is filled with accounts without any real-life indicators, like a first name, last name, avatar photo, some video on their own channel, a couple of years under the belt since the creation of the account, other comments on other videos, then these, are more likely than not, fake views, fake engagement, fake everything.

2. Extremely low number of subs.

Nothing will stand out like a sore thumb as much as 100 subs and 100k views. Even more so if that video is the ONLY video with that many views and all other content is under 500 views. If someone is serious about what they’re doing, you’ll see consistency and growth on their channel. If someone else, on the other hand, is just trying to cut corners to fame, it’ll be rather obvious if they employed bot services.

1. Most of the views come from developing countries.

HERE is a list of all developing countries that you should be paying attention to. If you’re not from one of those countries yourself, there’s no reason why most of your views should come from there. If you’re from America and 80% of your views come from India, you my friend, have a fake buzz. Why does the country matter? Well, it is enough for you to do some google searching to see that the lowest prices for the top amount of views, basically the most value for your dollar is obtained in places that have a poor economy. Albeit saying real promo in the title, plenty of sellers on Fiverr offer tens of thousands of views for as low as $5. Of course, Fiverr fights the stigma associated with their fake views seller but we all know in real life, NO ONE will get you real advertising to as many people for only $5. You be the judge.

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