Uzi World by Tay Devito, An Ambitious Record Of Young Magnificence

If you’ve been missing smooth swag records, the type of song to get you feeling preposterously out of scale compared to your day-to-day surroundings without breaking a sweat, Uzi World by Tay Devito is what you’re looking for. The diligent production elements, such as having the hook performed by someone else, Mac-Gee, having the electro-synth ride the beat throughout its entire length, having the flow match the music instead of trying to compete with it, all come together with precise science to offer the audience a fine rap record.

That money got me in the mood/ I’m f*cking my b*tch we go right to the moon/ My diamonds they drip nah n**** they ooze/ We getting it all that’s just how we move” goes Mac-Gee with the monochromatic but catchy hook. The artist follows a predefined melodic pattern for his bars and sets them in a sweet spot between rapping and singing. His bass voice makes you want to revisit his parts on Uzi World, but thankfully he repeats each hook twice. The last 2 bars of this section are a nice back-and-forth between Tay Devito’s ad libs and Mac-Gee’s short rhymes: “N**** we go Whoa! Awe! Yea!/ Yea we just go whoa! whoa!

Tay Devito’s light flow becomes a central feature of the record as the artist sounds a lot more like having genuine fun than trying to sound good as a rapper: “Yeah I’m back in my element/ Big Check no settlement/ Labels keep knocking tell em don’t let ’em in/ I remember like yesterday me and crew was at Bennigans/ Nowadays it’s just me and my boo I eat her up like cinnamon.” It feels frankly gratifying to hear the series of rhymes Tay Devito is able to come with for the word element. Tay Devito takes keen pride in his influence stating some sinister connections: “I know some robbers that will come poke ya/ I know some killers send ya hocus pocus/ Better think twice before come approach us/ I will never ever let labels on us” To be noted how he matches his own syllable count with every bar. His vocal mood is excellently adapted to the words he’s spitting making Uzi World that more credible. Tay Devito proves to be an ambitious artist with an organic touch for he doesn’t need to try hard to win over his audience.

When asked what inspired this neat rap product, Tay Devito shared for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “I feel like rapper Lil Uzi Vert inspires people to be open-minded and stay true to themselves. I grew up where being the kid that was misunderstood wasn’t accepted. Now I can get on the microphone and say what I want and it is received well. Cuz Zaid cooked up the beat, and believe it or not he’s a 17-year-old producer based out of Bogata, Columbia, while Mac-Gee came with the hook. I came up with the idea for the song. As the saying goes… Team Work Makes the Dream Work.

Uzi World is a record of young magnificence and ambition to the 10th power led by Tay Devito, an artist with a knack for seeing potential in others and enabling everyone’s best self.

Make sure you add Uzi World to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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