Let’s Go by Cuzin P ft. Propane Da Ghost and Foreign Fred, The Most Entertaining Rap Collab Of 2020

The ambitious and far-reaching trio collab between Cuzin P, Propane Da Ghost, and Foreign Fred brings top-notch visuals that will entertain women and men alike, and above all, a well-produced record and a fun narrative about how lil booties matter. All 3 artists’ flow and delivery are independent from the beat manipulating the latter as if it was a variable and not a constant in their stellar release, Let’s Go. Organic production and enticing visuals are the two ingredients that will make you, the listener, go back to it repeatedly.

The intro of the song is propelled by the ever-so-entertaining hook by Cuzin P: “Black girls got ass too/ Latina got ass too/ Asian girls got ass too/ White girls got ass too/ Little booties matter/ I said little booties matter” The visuals match the lyrics portraying the rapper amongst fierce, sexy vixens showing off their natural bodies. Major props to Cuzin P for going this route instead of pushing the usual plastic. As many women will agree, this is much appreciated as a consumer and much needed in the social media sphere.

Before we dive into dissecting the rest of Let’s Go, we want to share with you the real-life inspiration behind the song, as per Cuzin P himself in exclusivity for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “So I was at work and this beautiful black woman walked in with a big ass booty and she was hella cute! I said to my self “Damn! Look at that ass!” Then I turn around and I see this beautiful exotic Asian woman with no ass and I said to myself “Sh*t!!! I’ll still hit little booties! They too matter!” And the rest is history” The entire staff is now cracking up 😀 Thank you Cuzin P for the honest behind-the-scenes info!

As for the hook, that turned out to be just the first part. The second half comes in after the Let’s Go chant is inserted as a mini-bridge between the two sections: “Let’s Go/ Gon’ shake it for a real n****/ Gon’ pop it for a real n****/ Gon’ drop it for a real n****/ Gon’ twerk it for a real n****” Cuzin P follows with the first verse emphasizing his adoration for the female body: “Big booties small asses I don’t give a f*ck/ If she turn me down I’m still gon’ wanna f*ck/ Yeah, it ain’t trickin’ if you got it/ Yeah, I got money in my pocket” peep the amusing take on tricking 😀 nice way to put it like that! Cuzin P then creates an exquisitely picturesque image by adorning his bars with vivid details: “Bounce Bounce Bounce look at her ass roll/ She could have been a janitor the way her ass mop the floor!/ Drop! now back it up and drop some more/ Stop! now back it up and drop some moreCuzin P owns both his core rapper and entertaining performer sides with extraordinary swiftness. This is an artist that’s creating music to last.

And if you thought he’s just being nice and respectful… Think again 😀 He turns into a straight savage by the end of his verse: “Girl check the timin’ it’s time we start slidin’/ If I take you to the hotel my card ain’t declinin’/ I’m not gon’ wine and dine you/ I’m going to put this d*ck inside you” Well damn!

Propane Da Ghost is the artist in charge of the second verse and he delivers his bars with a smooth approach instead: “A nice big booty that’s my preference/ But a cute face with a lil booty, now that’s a blessing/ A nice lil ass now that’s sexy/ A slim waist but she slim thick in all the right sections” Our favorite part? When Propane Da Ghost kinda broke in some dance moves at 2:13! Now THAT’S rare! When the audience sees you hyped about your own record, it is that much easier to actually believe what you’re selling me, the consumer. Bonus points for the unbelievably clear pronunciation the rapper is abiding by when spitting. What’s interesting is that Cuzin P, for example, has that show-off, big flex, serious vibe about him, while Propane Da Ghost comes off as fun and flirtatious. Let’s see what Foreign Fred got in store for us because thus far, the first two rappers set the bar super high!

Cute, petite, with class, no ass though/ I don’t like looking at it with no pants on/ But she beg for me to beat it in the bando/ You know the spot where I trap at” welp, Foreign Fred is something else. He’s like the Snoop Dogg voice mixed with T.I. mannerisms sprinkled with 50 Cent overly-blunt lyrics 😀 The seriously huge writing in the background stating his name is impressive and has quite the visual impact on the audience, making it hard to forget the dude with the cool jacket and Gucci pouch.

In conclusion, Let’s Go is not just a rap blizzard, it’s an entire tempest of fun bars, 3 outstanding creative minds, and a lot of willfully provocative visuals. We approve and recommend!

Song Credits: Cuzin P, Propane Da Ghost, Foreign Fred – Artists, Songwriters; Swiss Frankie – Producer; Crank Lucas – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you add this great record to your fun playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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