Top 10 Stunning Rap Songs To Motivate You In 2021

The new rockstars have been for a good while now, Rap artists. The demeanor, the lifestyle, the savageness, the raw material, the social influence, the cultural portrayal, Rap is the new Rock. Subsequently, we’ve compiled 10 stunning Rap records that got that special something that are worthy of including in your personal playlist on a daily basis. Enjoy and show your appreciation for independent music by leaving a like on your favorite record, sharing it, and ultimately and most importantly, by adding it to your preffered streaming platform!

10. Bandz by Butta Lotus (full analysis HERE)

This one’s for the ladies. Empowering, blunt, sexy, catchy, this is THE record to make you feel like a gazillion dollars. Bandz by Butta Lotus is a track defiant of the stereotypical dynamic between the hustler man and hustler woman, daring to put the two in equally powerful positions rather than idolizing one and downplaying the other. Favorite lyrics: “She run them bands up/ She put it in the safe/ She pull her pants up/ Before she make it shake.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

9. Blessingz by Young Swain (full analysis HERE)

Flaunting a Soul hook and bonafide Rap verses, Young Swain’s Blessingz feels as motivating as it feels reflective. A truly multidimensional record. A profound song adressing God directly while developing a complex musicality, that’s Blessingz for you. Favorite lyrics: “I grind hard and believe it/ Even if I can’t see it/ Preparation meets opportunity/ Luck I never had belief in/ Life’s hard it can get crucial.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

8. Uzi World by Tay Devito (full analysis HERE)

If you’ve been missing smooth swag records, the type of song to get you feeling preposterously out of scale compared to your day-to-day surroundings without breaking a sweat, Uzi World by Tay Devito is what you’re looking for. Favorite lyrics: “That money got me in the mood/ I’m f*cking my b*tch we go right to the moon/ My diamonds they drip nah n**** they ooze/ We getting it all that’s just how we move.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

7. I Do Me by Yungg Fattz ft. Boi Blakc (full analysis HERE)

Old school lovers will favor this record more than the rest on the list. Why? ‘Cause while it’s decidedly modernly mixed and mastered, those stringent claps and the deep baseline that kick off the record, remind us of the golden hip hop era (the late ’80s until early 2000s). I Do Me is motivational through its pompous narrative, IDGAF-ness factor, and seriously cool music. Favorite lyrics: “I been doing me from the get-go/ That CEO swag with the sick flow/ Puffing on bomb yeah that indo/ I’m litty Norfin with my kinfolks.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

6. Realer Than Real by Ka$ino (full analysis HERE)

If you want a record that is light in its mannerism but still maintaining a rap-based style, Realer Than Real is the perfect choice. Ka$ino’s single off the Da Coldest To Do It album, follows the rap artist’s usual unflappable manner consolidated by the moderately paced instrumental. Favorite lyrics: “Got too much sauce!/ Been boss like Ricky Ross!/ I know they can’t touch me they never could/ Don’t compare it’s gon’ piss me off!” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

5. Check (Show Me Sum) by Don Esco (full analysis HERE)

You missing the radio-friendly format but want the motivational substance of an indie artist? Don Esco is who you turn to. Don Esco’s Check (Show Me Sum) bestows absurd amounts of confidence, an incredibly-catchy instrumental, and a top-notch production enough to raise the roof. Favorite lyrics: “F*ck a deal/ Ain’t no stress/ Lost a feelin’/ In my chest/ Pop a pill/ Gimme sex/ You now vibin’ wit tha best.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

4. Young G’z by SonicTNB ft. Ayo (full analysis HERE)

Young G’z by SonicTNB featuring Ayo, is a stellar rap record that features a theatrical approach engulfed in intentional villain-like delivery. When SonicTNB raps, you listen. The artist is as motivational as Tony Robbins when he raps with authentic energy and drive that you get sucked in and hang on to his every word. Precious trait for an upcoming artist. Favorite lyrics: “Stay on my toes tell ’em keep up/ Made a lot of bands off they fryer pan/ And I keep it tucked I ain’t getting jammed/ Got kids to feed taking care of fam/ So I hit the booth watch me level up.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

3. F*ck You Pay Me by Oscar Biggs ft. Crazy Ace (full analysis HERE)

A most wild, profane, and unorthodox song that rap enthusiasts will love with every passing second. That’s F*ck You Pay Me by Oscar Biggs and Crazy Ace. Their bars and message might just take your breath away. Not because it’s some revelatory substance to it, but because obliterating your enemies with class is most rare and Oscar Biggs is giving us the blueprint to it. Plus, admit it, haters and naysayers were always part of the drive behind personal motivation. Favorite lyrics: “I got so much anger in my heart that it burns in my chest/ Emcees won’t earn my respect with sperm on they breath/ I’m an impulsive mothaf*cker and yo, I’m mad vulgar/ I’m the type to rub my revolver all over b*tches’ vulvas.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

2. 100K by Cannon Caraballo (full analysis HERE)

If you miss going to the movies, look no further! Cannon Caraballo is a monster storyteller with the undeniable power of arousing fascination and creating imagery in the audience’s mind through his aggressive voice, perfectly patterned bars, astute sound effects, and unique choice of instrumental. The title is rather self-explanatory hinting at the materialistic narrative, 100K. Best part though? The energy behind the record will be your best motivational companion the days you’re procrastinating. Favorite lyrics: “Money over b*tches/ Cannon run the globe/ N**** stepped out the throne/ Went and brought the title home.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

1. Bounce Back by Jersey Mic (full analysis HERE)

Our no-brainer choice to boost up your morale in 2021, is Bounce Back by Jersey MIC. The instrumental is majestic, sobre, filled with epicness. The bars keep a bit of that old school flavor to them with crystal-clear diction and crisp pronounciation. Jersey Mic touches on subjects like God, haters, money, personal integrity, mass mentality. Favorite lyrics: “Not everyone’s going to believe/ Why you work so hard, to achieve/ For what it’s worth, you know what it means/ One life, one love, chase yo dreams.” Add it to your Spotify HERE.

 Please support the independent artists we’ve discovered across the world by streaming the playlist below. A little of your time is one step closer for at least 20 artists in the direction of their dreams.

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