The 5 Core Elements That Your Career Won’t Happen Without

Singers tend to focus on vocals and high-quality production while omitting fan connection. Rappers connect with people better than everybody else but often lack press coverage. Rock bands seem to both connect with people and have good visuals but their online presence is poor because more often than not, they’re busy creating hundreds of songs and jamming in groups. Here’s the news: we all got to learn from each other as the following 5 elements comprise the basis of a successful music career that will provide for you and your loved ones. Continue reading to find out what you’ve been doing wrong, or what you might have been doing right.

5. High-Quality Mix And Master

Even if you have the coolest musical arrangement in history, it won’t gain traction if it’s not properly mixed and mastered. You are competing against label-backed artists who have access to the cream of the crop when it comes to recording studios and engineers. So if you can’t get the same people working for you, at least go for the next best thing possible. Find reputable engineers and don’t be cheap when it comes to paying $500 for a professionally radio-packaged mix and master.

4. Press Coverage

You need articles and interviews on you and your music just as a professional chess player needs to participate in tournaments. Media coverage serves as a way to acknowlede your music. To show that people care enough about you to talk about you. That your music doesn’t stop where your bedroom ends. No sponsor will put his money behind you if you’re not officially worthy talking about.

3. Strong Online Presence

From an efficient, great-looking website, to an optimized social media persona (HD photos, legit bio, short brand statement, decent number of likes, comments, and followers), to continuous updates on your career, it ALL matters. You can’t have awesome pictures but a sh*tty bio. And viceversa. You can’t have an impactful bio paired with a thousand selfies. Or worse, ONE selfie. Read on brand optimization and really commit to introducing yourself properly to every single soul visiting your profile and website.

2. Organic Engagement

On both sides. You replying to people, you following people, you commenting on other people’s photos and viceversa, fans commenting, liking, saving your posts. Believe it or not, commenting on other artists’ posts on social media, greatly exposes you to huge opportunities. Their label or manager might be watching and Bam! overnight you get a collab with an up and coming singer. Either way, you want to be following and be followed by plenty of people. When music fans see someone is following 0 accounts but is followed by 100k, they think: industry plant. And nobody likes industry plants. So don’t look like one.

1. Great Music Videos

We live through our eyes. Especially since the world has been on lockdown. Subsequently, the competition is UP! Invest in a professional camera, get an editing software, and learn how to take your visuals to the next level. If you won’t do it, the 15-year-old will. Guess who’ll get more clout faster? Not you!

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