How Do These Rappers Make It So Fast In The Industry?

Simple. There’s a lot of money in the middle. Either from a drug dealer or because they’re drug dealing themselves. When you see these rappers toting ridiculous amounts of jewelry, tons of guns, conveys of expensive cars, and most curiously, they’re not even signed yet, 99,9% someone is moving that baking soda. You think this is ridiculous? Then see what the following 3 rappers admitted with their own mouth!

3. “Big drug dealer reached out, loved my stuff – Rob Level

Jump to 0:57

Rob Level is well know in the underground rap scene. He admits he sold drugs around the age of 19 himself but from our knowledge, he then focused entirely on music and Smart Rapper and left the illegal activities in the past. He did not make it big yet, and by no means was his success fast, but his admission though, attests to what we’ve been telling you about since we started this platform. Careers don’t happen overnight UNLESS… a “sponsor” believes in you. “But why would they give someone without a track record so much money to put into their music?” you might ask. For two main reasons.

1. They need to write off their shady income. Starting a record label and showing you equally invested a lot of money in different artists and the artists made you money, is a great way to legalize drug money. The truth of the matter is… expenses are NEVER what they are claimed to be on paper. They say they invested 100k in a music video when in actuality only 10k cash was paid and 90k pocketed. See how business is done? Or the artist made only 1 thousand dollars in music sales but the fronting label will say that he received donations and cash sales worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2. They feel the need to give back. Whether they failed to make it as a musician themselves and want to live their dreams through someone else, or they want to simply do some charity by giving away money to someone talented, often these kingpins got enough money to dispose off, thus sponsoring up and coming artists.

2. “I loved the attention (my rapper friends were getting) – Casanova

From 01:03 to 02:17

This happens more often than you think. Drug dealer gets money, drug dealer wants fame, drug dealer turns rapper, and usually… drug dealer goes to prison, drug dealer comes out, drug dealer gets killed. When you take this route, your days are pretty much on a countdown. This scenario applies to both young and middle-aged rappers. They have so much money they don’t know what to do with it. And as per general rule, having money attracts celebrities. And your famous friends will instigate in you the desire to be like them. Thus the shift from the streets to the MTV awards. But yet again, it boils down to money. These rappers sponsor their own careers and usually pay their famous friends to put them on by collaborating with them or at the very minimum, have them in their music videos.

1. “Being in the streets (got me into music) -21 Savage

Jump to 01:16, then to 07:16, then 18:36

It’s ridiculously hard understanding what this guy says but we caught his answers. So 21 Savage admits he was robbing, shooting, stealing, terrorizing people. No, there’s nothing cool about that and you’re an idiot if you think the opposite. With that being said, at 18:36 when he got asked how he got into rapping, 21 Savage answered that “everybody from the hood will do a song once in their lifetime,” and that he invested in a DIY home studio as a result of thinking where his life was heading. So in few words, drug dealing and rap music have been so entangled for so many decades, that the natural, unquestioned progression of drug dealing is rapping.

In conclusion, if you see an unknown rapper on social media who’s flaunting more riches than you’ve ever seen, they’re either a) sponsored by a drug dealer, b) they’re selling drugs themselves, or c) they used to sell drugs and now want another source of income. All 3 are rooted in these people having the right capital to start their careers. It would have taken them 10, 20, 30 years to make it without that money. Now you know.

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