Darkness by JTM Frostyy, A Rap Gem Oozing Austere Vulnerability

An artist so certain of his own power that has no retainment in professing his love for his family from the get-go. That ladies and gents, is JTM Frostyy. The rapper from Toronto, Canada, has elaborately framed grief, love, and societal ponderation in one massive song named Darkness. The record lasts a hefty 5 minutes and 38 seconds and it becomes more than just an extension of JTM Frostyy. It takes life and a shape of its own, feeling like a 3D person. Like a conversation with the best friend you’ve lost decades ago.

After mentioning his aunty Omiyana, mother, father, grandmother, brothers, and sisters, JTM Frostyy proceeds to sing with plenty of soul and elegance: “They left me in the darkness where the demons creep/ In the jungle in the shadows where the goblins eat/ Feeling frozen feeling broken, what happen to me?/ Devil chasing for me tryna snatch my soul from me.” Mainstream aficionados will appreciate the gorgeous post-production that flaunts a neat mesh between autotuned singing and acoustically pleasant layers of supporting vocals. Truth be told, we had to double-check the credits to make sure the person on the hook is the same as the one spitting bars as all the sweetness from the chorus dissipates throughout the verses and turns to austere gravity. An artist at work. We applaud.

JTM Frostyy solemnly kicks things off with a shout out to the young souls in the sky then delves into recounting shuddering details: “6 adults and 20 little youngins/ The pain cut me deep but my heart still pumping/ Heart ripped out but the beat still bumping/ This is from my soul I could never be fronting.” These lines need some context as you’re going in and out of goosebumps just as we were. Well luckily for us, we got JTM Frostyy himself to help with some closure: “I wrote Darkness 10 years ago right after the passing of many adults and children. One of those adults was my aunt. This record goes to show people to never let anyone get in your way of happiness and success and that there is always light somewhere in the darkness.” What we were praying to be fiction, unfortunately, was the very grim reality for our artist.

Sonically, the instrumental does justice to the narrative for its intermittent but heavy drums fund the song’s sober demeanor. The on-and-off gentle piano notes empathetically project the light in the darkness, the touch of hope and serenity in the midst of the sorrow. It is also by far the highest quality record JTM Frostyy has put out yet in his relatively fresh career. Throughout its entire length, Darkness possesses a doleful but opulent factor that is perfectly reflected both lyrically and musically.

Now grab a bucket and get ready. “Looking at the pictures that we two together/ Make myself cry trying to remember/ All the fun we had chilling with each other/ ‘Cause you were like no other/ Like another mother/ Momma’s baby sister/ Listen/ I miss you very much and it’s plain to see/ That even though you gone, you always here with me.” If you didn’t shed a tear you either never lost someone you loved or you’re an alien. Plain simple. JTM Frostyy’s flow mannerism indicates affection blended with grief and sadness. However, the chillin’ with each other section proves the ability to hold on to the good memories. This is beautiful.

The 3rd verse carries the role of present-day transitioner. Now the Rap artist and singer reminds the audience he has specific goals, “On my momma not stopping Imma grind hard,” society going nuts, “People killing for no reason I think that it’s killing season,” politicians finessing the masses, “And you know democracy controls that power that you hold,” and a direct message for the listener, “Don’t let these haters hold you back let your story be told.” JTM Frostyy just confirmed our initial impression: this is one hell of a writer. From top to bottom, everything makes sense and follows a specific development.

An instrumental considerably stripped of any adorning technicalities, a voice that can splendidly sing and rap, a presence of unrelenting energy, an admirable vulnerability, all summed up in one song: Darkness by JTM Frostyy.

Song Credits: Jevoni Morant (JTM Frostyy) – Artist, Songwriter.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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