5 More Social Media Things You Must Stop Doing Yesterday If You Want More Followers

As you’ve previously learned, spam-tagging people, talking using the future tense, and three more crucial actions are deadly to your credibility as a musician. As the article quickly turned to a top favorite for both bloggers and artists, we’ve decided to follow up with 5 more things that we’ve observed upcoming musicians do on their social media profiles and not realizing it is stalling their growth tenfold.

5. Stop talking about things that didn’t come to fruition.


There’s something in the human mind that wants to affiliate itself predominantly with feelings of success, happiness, love, all the good stuff. When you consistently talk about being rejected by X sponsor, being turned down by Y company, being angry at Z producer, you associate yourself in the public eye with the F word. FAILURE. The difference between those who make it and those who don’t is that the first group pushes relentlessly forward and doesn’t even keep track of their rejections and failed deals. Whereas the second group acts like a grumpy old man with nothing better to do than get upset at what should have been and babbling about it to the world. Don’t be a grumpy old man.

4. Stop letting everyone tag you without your permission.

Photo by Ümit Yıldırım

Some timelines look like a damn newspaper: filled with links, images, videos, and text that DON’T belong to the artist himself/herself. Stop letting others abuse your profiles!!! Imagine LA Reid gets bored one morning and scouts through random posts. He finds your song. He gets curious. He then goes to your profile only to see a whole lot of unrelated material. He just closed the tab. Next. You just deprived yourself of a lifetime opportunity ’cause you didn’t bother controlling the flow and quality of material going on your profile. Never let others’ posts show up on your profile unless they get your express permission. Facebook is a huge issue for too many of you. Get serious about your career!

3. Stop threatening to quit music.

Photo by Jackson Simmer

No one cares. You might end up with the top comment being: “I told you music wasn’t worth years ago! You finally about to wake up! Happy for you!” Yes, this is a real-life example we’ve seen on an artist’s profile 😀 If you didn’t think sadness can be hilarious, this is your case in point. Remember how people don’t like the F word from #5 and want the very opposite of it? Well talking about quitting is an admission of potential failure. Now when you put out your next song they’ll look at it from the perspective of a potentially failing artist, subsequently will look for all its flaws and shortcomings instead of appreciating the good parts in it. Don’t sabotage yourself! And if you do quit, just do it and don’t talk about it.

2. Stop complaining about unfair streaming rates when you don’t even have enough streams to talk about.

Photo by Cezar Sampaio

How credible do you think you look when you post about low royalties from streaming sites and when we click to see your Spotify we see your records never even crossed the 10k mark? To get 10 thousand real streams is easy. By reaching out to the right curators, you can get on average 5 placements on decent, smaller playlists that will cost you about $20 each. So you need to delay that new pair of shoes and invest in getting real plays. And remember to always put your dollars in more than one curator. You will get MUCH higher results getting on 5 small playlists than paying $100 to get on a big one. Back to our point number 2. If you couldn’t pull your resources and knowledge together to get only 10k streams for your latest single, words like streaming royalties shouldn’t even be part of your vocabulary. Otherwise you might as well give everyone a tutorial on how to kill your credibility in 3, 2, 1.

1. Stop entertaining BS.

Photo by Reno Laithienne

This one comes in several forms. When you reveal you’ve been in Facebook Jail, you’ve entertained BS. That means you couldn’t put a stop on your fingers in time and let your emotions guide you. Everyone knows by now what Facebook Jail means and why it happens. The second way we’ve seen artists entertain BS is when you guys post up screenshots of insult exchanges between yourself and whoever you’ve been beefing with. Or worse yet, you go post them up in the music dedicated groups. Where is your common sense? While you laugh at the Gorilla glue girl, real professionals laugh at you. Stop acting like a ratchet chick. You’re only missing the long acrylic nails. But then again, we’ve seen mostly male artists do this. Stop and take yourself seriously.

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