Lose My Mind by Jim Yosef and Mark Klaver, An EDM Collaboration Of Quality Sonic Opulence

This one’s for the talks. We have a self-proclaimed professional tinnitus-haver, Jim Yosef, and our favorite hopeless romantic singer, Mark Klaver, on a collaboration song called Lose My Mind. The EDM record astonishingly evokes a palpable sense of grandeur mixed with melancholy. It’s also fun to hear Mark Klaver step out of his comfort zone. Think of Beyoncè’s Runnin deeply conveyed meaning meshed with the Chainsmoker’s Something Just Like This musicality. The duo brought out the big guns to the big tables. And we applaud.

Mark Klaver kicks things off with his trademark soulful whisper-singing: “Oh, I’ve been putting you first/ At my own expense/ Just to get attention from you/ I always question my worth/ When you turn your head/ When we lay in bed.” And in his usual manner, the singer produces exceptionally vivid feelings of hurt, pain, disappointment, all however, rooted in love. The deliberately doleful piano follows Klaver in tandem and gives life to his words. By now you might be asking yourself, “you sure this is an EDM record?,” and we answer a big, loud YES. Hang in there, it’s coming.

The pre-chorus is a lot more assertive in style, with Mark Klaver matching his lyrics accordingly: “You know we didn’t have to suffer/ I know that I was being stubborn/ I can read between the lines/ Tired of living with the sadness/ I can see we never had this/ Why we wasting all this time?” The notes go higher and airier, the electro-synth is making its subtle introduction on the beat, and if you got a sharp ear, you can hear the barely-here claps in the background. Seems like the buildup to the beat drop is a work of patient labor. Well played Jim Yosef. Well played.

The vocal and the melodic hook subsequently, is when it’s clear as daylight, this is EDM. “Don’t wanna chase my shadow/ Why do I even try/ I gotta learn to let go/ I’m gonna lose my mind.” The beat drop that we’re blessed with comes in with the word “mind.” The heavily echoed chorus voices spark an emotional revival, taking us out of the melancholy and sending the audience straight to the feel-good vibes area. Sonically, that huge, rich synth affirms Lose My Mind‘s Dance purpose. We’re on continuous lockdowns but it’s easy to envision a festival when hearing it. The hook’s layered vocals become a fixed part of the record’s effect. The producer did a phenomenal job in using Klaver’s pipes as an instrument.

Self-redemption time! “Why we keep making this work?/ When it don’t make sense/ You just let me fall to pieces/ Why am I even writing this verse?/ When it’s all on me/ You gotta set me free!” Who’s been reading us since the beginning knows that we are all for keeping your head up and loving yourself enough to walk away. And as of this moment, Mark Klaver just became our hero. Music is such a global trendsetter and mind changer that the narratives the artists push truly do make a change in those listening. We are grateful consumers when such a skilled singer doesn’t let negativity and sadness take over completely.

Lose My Mind is a chill EDM song nearly glittering on the first listen thanks to the very unique, unmistakable voice of Mark Klaver. Jim Yosef outdid himself too this time by employing a very minimalistic buildup and then going all-in for the drop. A song that equates quality sonic opulence melded with heartbreak and self-love in the end.

Song Credits: Jim Yosef – Producer, Songwriter; Mark Klaver – Vocalist, Songwriter.

Make sure you add Lose My Mind to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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