5 Cold Reasons You Should Be Unapologetically Yourself

When one starts picking up on marketing and branding, there is that initial phase when you feel confused and start rethinking your entire existence as an artist and question everything that you’ve ever released. And that’s normal. What is not normal is deleting every single trace of your past existence as an amateur artist. Ideally, you want to combine what you now know with who you’ve forever been. With that being said, we put together a list of 5 cold reasons you shouldn’t care too much about what others think or say of you as a musician.

5. Overpopulation breeds immunity to awesomeness.

This would NEVER happen in 2021

We are no scientists but with 7.6 billion people on Earth and with more than half online, we have all seen almost every single thing one could and could have not imagined. Both good and bad. So even if you are a formidable singer, we’ve all heard tremendous pipes. Nothing new. If you can dance your behind off, that’s not new either. Stuff that used to get plenty of attention and recognition in the ’90s and early 2000s now holds no value on the market. All female artists know how to beat their faces with makeup and pop that curve to make her behind look bigger. Oh and twerking! If you got some really unconventional ideas, like singing while on a treadmill or while bathing your cat, do it!!! Now more than ever, crazy is appreciated. Crazy is good.

4. Authenticity is precious because it’s rare.

Sevdaliza is on another level of originality

Here’s an ugly snowball that’s been taking shape in the music industry. Artist wants money. Artist studies and learns he/she has to run ads and adjust the brand image. Artist applies all suggestions and advice but also compromises his true nature in order to be more commercially appealing. As a result, artist becomes just another muffled voice in the same huge room of many muffled, looking-alike artists. So here’s the thing, while you apply all you’re finding on marketing and branding, sometimes it’s best to just do something unusual, something that goes against all existent blueprints.

3. Sometimes something is so bad that it’s good.

Young Signorino is so bad that he’s awesome

Look man. The world is a weird place. In Italy we had a phenomenon in late 2018 that was named Young Signorino. Young Lad would be the translation. This genius has been trying his hand at music for a very long time, then he basically said F it! and did the weirdest, craziest, most unconceivable song and music video. He got so much hate for his song named Mm Ha Ha Ha that poor guy became Italy’s national meme for an entire year. But then again, his popularity and IDGAFness brought him so much attention that he finally made it! His stuff is so bad that it’s good. Had he tried to be a real MC as many say, he would have never had the courage or face to do this. But when he stopped caring, his creativity went level 999 and he made it. He actually made it. So if you suck and you know it, don’t be afraid to suck even harder. You might reach the other end of the spectrum and come full circle.

2. You will learn you are way more edgier than you think.

Tyler The Creator ate an entire roach

Imagine you had to audition for a record label that is ready to put an entire 10 million dollars behind you. If they asked you to yodle while you’re rapping, even if you never did it, you will start yodling. So why don’t we all imagine we’re under that type of pressure more often and truly push our own boundaries? Because everyone thinks they’ll release their awesomeness when time is right. Time is NOW. So show the world your true self and watch how miracles happen in almost the same instant.

1. You will make professional and personal history.

Intentional weirdness and randomness that turned into global success

History is made when rules are bent and systems are questioned. When someone or something stands out like a sore thumb. You got that power within you. You are no different than the rulers of nations. They got a title and you don’t. But that’s it. Money doesn’t matter. Connections don’t matter. Having a fail-proof plan does not guarantee anything either. So go ahead and make history. Sing on a Boom Bap beat, rap on a Beethoven sonata, eat hot chilli while covering your favourite artist, dress for once in recycled plastic clothes and just stop caring about being judged. Care about leaving a mark on this Earth because our time here is always shorter than what anyone thinks.

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