The Come Up by Jdiggs Tha Prodigy ft. Lil’ Flip, When Two Storytellers Come Together To Make History

Often Rap collaborations end up being advantageous for one artist and a hard blow for the other as they’re judged by the same parameters and the audience always seeks competition even where it does not exist. Jdiggs Tha Prodigy, however, is that ever-so-confident artist who stands at the forefront of pairing up with other skilled storytellers to bring masterpieces to fruition just as he did on his latest release, The Come Up. The record featuring Lil’ Flip demonstrates the enthusiasm of two distinct musical identities each delving into his area of interest. JDiggs Tha Prodigy emphasizes the contrast between material appearances and mental states, while Lil’ Flip takes on the classic boisterous Rap artist role.

The song starts off with fragmented snippets of violins and as Lil’ Flip makes his appearance on the track, the expansive sound of this ethereal instrument is placed in the background all the while keeping its indispensable acoustic role. “Top-notch h*es get the most not the lesser/ I’m pimpin’ with a white b*tch on Gessner/ And I don’t smoke no cigarettes I smoke cones/ Filled up with cookies and the sh*t strong,” raps Lil’ Flip. It is noticeable how the artist adds an anecdotal tinge to his raw bars and continues to do so throughout his verse: “My uncle smokin’ Black ‘n Milds with wood tips/ I told him ‘dawg you might as well smoke some reefer’,” “I don’t wanna have brunch I want some paper h*e,” “I feel like 50 Cent I’m hated on by many men/ It’s Friday, I’m smoking on a twenty twin twin.” Lil’ Flip’s flow has that traditionally dominant but laid-back dynamic coming off as effortless and inherently organic. A fit balance for Jdiggs’s more vivacious approach.

Jdiggs Tha Prodigy comes in flowing right as Lil’ Flip reaches the end of his verse but without announcing himself. To the new listener, the transition is apparent only when hearing the clearly different vocal timbre. “I used to spend my time hanging with friends/ Until we had some words/ Now these birds angry again/ And all the haters from way back when/ Are quick to tell people all around me how we used to be friends,” raps Jdiggs with humanity and compelling sincerity about his past friends. His flow is set on a rather conversational and storytelling tone when compared to Lil’ Flip’s announcement-like demeanor. Both illustriously complement each other.

The Come Up turns into a staple record for JDiggs Tha Prodigy as we’re introduced further down the song to the reason of him being an exponent of old-school Rap with contemporary flavor: “Conversations changed from gossip to closing lucrative deals/ From plotting on A lick to flipping real estate steals/ Generational wealth and how we came up from poverty/ I say it honestly/ Having the real is a commodity.The Rap artist effortlessly provides a window on the hybrid sound that results from living in a post-mumble-rap era but having been raised on classic Hip Hop. Jdiggs abides by the simplicity of the past while effectively making use of the modern lexicon and underlining a very current global mindset such as generational wealth.

The Come Up while self-explanatory in its title, it presents a most memorable emotional impact for it is created by two very unique, fascinating storytellers named Lil’ Flip and Jdiggs Tha Prodigy. A song of great meaning with no standard structure is something that Hip Hop heads covet.

Song Credits: Patrick J. Diggs (Jdiggs Tha Prodigy), Wesley Eric Weston (Lil’ Flip) – Songwriters, Artists; Larry Robinson (Yung Bala On Da Beat) – Music Producer; Jose Santiago (Chico of Music In Focus Studio) – Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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