7 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Profile To Jumpstart Your Music Career With Real-Life Examples

Pay attention to the fact we specifically said profile and not page. Why would we focus on that? Because that is where all artists start from. And usually where all artists get much higher engagement even when their pages hit over 10k fans. Facebook wants you to PAY a lot of money to reach the fans you already worked very hard for when it comes to pages. They think of you as a business thus expect you to act like a business, aka pay for every like and comment. Accordingly, the smartest thing an upcoming artist could do for his/her career is to optimize the personal profile to the point it acts as one of their main business hubs. These are 7 ways you can turn your profile around to connect with like-minded artists, get sponsorships, meet festival creators, pair up with new producers and engineers, meet bloggers and radio hosts, and of course, eventually, get paid for your time and effort.

7. Choose an HD, portrait-style photo as your profile picture.

Triple-Genre Artist Kyng Kai‘s Facebook Profile

This is beyond important. This is your face, your message, your one second to make a great first impression. Fortunately, this day and age almost everybody has a decent phone with a decent camera. All you have to do is look the part and ask a friend or family member to take A LOT of profile pictures of you. If neither nor is available, hire a photographer. Do NOT shoot a passport-style photo though. Your photo has to speak on your artistry, genre, location if possible, and personality.

6. Put in the most essential links that show people you’re an artist off the bat.

Boom-Bap Rapper Oscar Biggs’s Facebook Profile

Putting in irrelevant links to social media profiles where you log in only once a year, will do you a disfavor. A big one at that too. Preferably, you want to put in your website, YouTube Channel, Spotify Page, and only one other social media link of your choice. Oscar Biggs chose Instagram. You can choose Tik Tok if that’s where you spend most of your time. But keep it simple and give few options to visitors to connect with you. The more links they see, the more confused they get and viceversa. Make it easy for people to hear your music in seconds!

5. Make sure your latest post visible to the Public is a link representing your most recent project, release, music video.

Bronx-based Rapper Kyd Works’s Facebook Profile

Between birthday celebrations, kids’ achievements, and personal opinions, which should ALL be set to friends only, you better make sure the first thing a visitor will see on your timeline is a link to your most recent work be it an album, music video, or blog feature. Your music and visuals have to jump so much in a stranger’s face that they can’t help but click it! And if you’re actually good, you just got yourself a new fan without paying a dime.

4. Set your profile’s direct link to match your artist name.

Avant Pop Singer Shilpa Ananth’s Facebook Profile

This is major! If you match your personal profile link with your stage name, chances are incredibly high that search consoles will pull your PROFILE instead of your page when people search for you. And that is sincerely EXACTLY what you want and should aim for. You want people to be able to connect with you directly, personally, and instantly. That only happens through a profile and not a page. So be smart like Shilpa Ananth!

3. List your music-related experience for a major boost in credibility.

Singer, Songwriter Aleksandra Denda’s Facebook Profile

Many of you have been doing music directly or indirectly for your entire life! So why not put it all out there to show people you know what you’re doing and you’ve been in this business for a while? If you worked more than 5 jobs in the music industry, only add the top 3 important employers and titles that you think will benefit you the most. You don’t want your Facebook to become your LinkedIn but you do want to show you’re an authority in the field.

2. Set your relationship info to Only Me.

Rapper Keenan Richardson’s Facebook Profile

Again, you’re here to make money and turn your profile into an opportunity creator. Accordingly, this is NOT the place to advertise your relationship or family UNLESS you’re a musical duo and your business is represented by both your faces. You should breathe, speak, think, and post music-related only content on your profile if you want people to associate your face and name with the genre you’re specialized in. It goes without saying, your family should be understanding and support your professionalism as your success will directly benefit them!

1. Use a video instead of a static image as your avatar.

Rap Artist Levi Deadman’s Facebook Profile

As you see on the right, Facebook announced to Levi’s friends he updated his profile video! We advise against the two borders that show text as Facebook’s algorithm flags it as promotional material. So just a 15-second snippet from your most recent music video where your face is clearly visible will do wonders in terms of organic exposure.

If you efficiently optimize your profile, you won’t even care about your page as that will become obsolete in terms of engagement and return on investment. An artist page will burn your pockets while a profile will offer you a whole lot of free promotion amongst your friends. If you manage to get to 5 thousand REAL fans you’ve added as friends on your profile, that care about what you say and do, we promise you, you’ll be making 6 figures a year. What else could you be asking for?

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