Welcome To NYC (Freestyle) by Youngworldibi, An Imperial Record Taking It Back To The ’90s Hip Hop

I’ve noticed that there’s not a whole lot of that original Hip Hop sound big out there right now. The kind where lyricism actually mattered. A lot of people have hit my DMs or commented on my social media basically mirroring my feelings and that’s kinda what inspired me to make this track. I know there’s millions of people out there looking for that raw sound and I want to be the one to deliver that to them,” shares Youngworldibi exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment. And deliver he did as you’re about to find out. Welcome to NYC is the very antithesis of its title and that just makes it that much better. Hip Hop heads will love every moment of the four minutes and thirty-five seconds song as it features an all-consuming emphasis on annihilating your enemies, naysayers, or simply put, the trolls in your life. Youngworldibi goes for the jugular.

The introductory synth augmented by the very loud drums, intermittent high kicks, and the unique bass voice, express an unbelievably emotional state. This is big, this is important, this is serious! Before the Hip Hop artist starts his story, we get an acoustic breakdown resembling very much a theatrical opening. After a curt violent threat, “I’m a hustler/ Crack out the mack tumbler/ The gun muzzle ya/ For that cream whole team crumbling”, Youngworldibi paints a most vivid, almost to the point of being nauseating, belittling context for his haters: “Did ya girl and ya mother and/ Put her under it/ Lips quick to get to smothering/ Homie I’m bad/ Throw a fit y’all get pissed on/ Bow down put ya lips on/ Swallow into increments gotta be sick.” Now we ain’t normally inclined to think about R rated scenarios, but that swallow into increments wordplay landed heavily 😀

Youngworldibi has a most entertaining flow that reverberates a sumptuous overall effect. He seems to go staccato but then he stops in very unlikely segments making you babble if you’re trying to rap along with him. Which, as a matter of fact, is what Eminem is most known for example. It definitely gives Youngworldibi an edge over the competition. The showman-like delivery is conferred by the heavy layered supporting vocals, another trait hinting back to the late ’90s – early 2000s. And that just might be what’ll get the independent artist new listeners. As we all know by now, Boom Bap and Golden Age Rap are having a strong comeback.

For being just a freestyle, Welcome to NYC is surely mixed and mastered way above that. It portrays sonic qualities of a professional studio recording that’s been curated to be released to the masses. Admirable.

And just to remind you we’re pretty much always spot-on, peep the artist’s own admission about his period of inspiration: “Eighty percent of you other rappers is garbage/ I’m here to take it back where it started/ My thing pop-rock like the nineties do/ The life air it like tiny do/ Pitching in cause see I need loop.” *smirk face* And we collectively agree on the accurate percentage Youngworldibi used to describe the lyrical incapacity of the too many mumblers aching to be called Rap artists. We’ll give credit where credit is due and we’ll point fingers where there’s a reason to. There! Even gave you a rhyme.

Round two of the freestyle, as per Youngworldibi’s own announcement at 02:42, brings much of the same heat: “Ride like skateboards rock like Tony/ Ya heart stop like cold feet/ Cuz look prick I hold heat/ Beating me homie there’s no way/ Sitting on caine flow sick like it’s blown aids/ And you’re lame/ Goes in my rap game/ The thing is buku/ Hot man and got damn ya head is kuku.” How the artist reiterates his dismissal for naysayers is a thing for the books because he DOES NOT get tired or bored diving into all kinds of scenarios where he’s dealing with these people in rather cinematically violent ways. And to think the title contains the word Welcome 😀 If this is how he welcomes you, we don’t want to know what it’s like when he flips you.

For a freestyle, it exceeded all expectations possible. Welcome to NYC over-delivers in lyrical mastery, production quality, and overall entertainment factor. For more music and direct updates head to https://www.youngworldibimusic.com/

Song Credits: Wilbert Torillo Robinson (Youngworldibi) – Artist, Songwriter; Justin Gregory Smith (Just Blaze) – Music Producer; Byron Morrison (Rok10) – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you add the song to your Hip Hop playlist on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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