Twin Flames by Rufii, When Merging Alt-R&B with Dancehall Results In A Laudable Showpiece

Any artist that flourishes during these trying times is worthy of admiration. Rufii is that standout talent that seamlessly goes from Rap to Alternative R&B amalgamated with Dancehall undertones. That is Twin Flames for you. The collaboration record with Kadi epitomizes a love so encompassing, laid on a production most sublime, that it becomes the top iconoclastic showpiece Rufii has ever put out.I remember hearing the instrumental thinking it was unlike anything else I’ve ever attempted before. I found it exciting to step out of my comfort zone and I paired with Kadi who I found to be the ideal voice for my artistic Twin Flame,” – shares Rufii exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The opening seconds of Twin Flames leans towards cinematic sounds with a very echoey synth that precedes the sonic quality of the other instruments. All the while Kadi’s voice can delicately be heard saying “Oh my, Oh my,” and Rufii’s ad-lib-like delivery hinting to a melancholic narrative, “Thought that you’d be down to ride.

As the drums hit, Rufii welcomes the audience by first framing the emotional state he’s in: “Wake up in the morning count your blessings/ If I take an L then I turn it to a lesson/ No I ain’t a pro but it’s all about progression/ Nowadays feel like weed is my best friend.” Now we have to talk about Rufii’s vocals as we’ve previously known him as a Rap artist only. He apparently has many more talents as he’s proving vocal control while wavering the tonality of the words he’s singing and not falling off key. That’s pretty damn spectacular Rufii! He then proceeds with a most convincing narrative style to depict the situationship he’s in: “Shorty got me stressing/ Talking ’bout she’s walking out/Let’s go to Planet Fitness/ Babygirl and work it out/ Said that grow through/ Everything we go through/ How you gon’ block me?/ You suppose to be my go-to girl.”

Oh my, oh my/ Thought that you’d stay by my side/ Thought that you’d be down to ride/ Be the Bonnie to my Clyde/ Now you got me going crazy/ Thought that you would have my babies/ Be the Beyoncé to my Jay-Z/ Now look you went Patrick Swayze,” goes the hook of Twin Flames. The pop-culture references are a clear indicator of Rufii having been influenced by the early 2000s R&B and Hip Hop, which just might be the reason for his choice of melding Dancehall with R&B resulting in a hybrid creation.

The second verse is rather savage and puts the anger full-on display: “Goddamn rest in peace its the death of chivalry/ And you ain’t no ten tho so how can you switch on me/ But its not a game crazy what I’m saying/ If you need distance then I feel the same.” Sheesh! You ain’t no ten??? Hold up, it gets even saucier: “Thought this love would last forever/ I will treat my next girl better.” Speaking of the next one is just as much of a death kiss to a relationship as one putting up a billboard on 5th avenue about it 😀 It’s a done deal. However… Rufii models his voice to still reverberate love and passion. Whoever inspired this song must have been someone special.

Kadi is in charge of the last third of the song and she gifts the public a stellar rendition of the hook and the bridge: “Should I go/ Will you change/ Or will you stay the same/ Let me be/ My heart’s feeling heavy now/ I will never settle now/ Boy you really let me down.” The singer uses her pipes to emphasize realism and expression of both love and disappointment. Kadi’s presence on Twin Flames most decidedly grant it an outstanding feature.

Two highly gifted talents came together to craft with fine vocal and melodical techniques what you’ve just heard to be, Twin Flames. The blend between R&B and Dancehall results in a fresh and stunningly ingenious song. Rufii, we applaud you!

Song Credits: David Rufus (Rufii) – Artist, Songwriter; Kadian Henry (Kadi) – Artist, Songwriter, Vocalist; Romelle Smith – Sound Engineer; Trench Lord B. – Producer

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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