5 Kanye West Music Videos That Changed The Music Industry Forever

Kanye West does not need any introduction. Famous for as many controversial moments as for his music and cinematic videos, this genius of the 21st century is someone worthy of studying and appreciating. He’s a living legend and upcoming artists need to take notes as to what makes a talent stand out from the bunch. If there’s anyone who has actually pushed the boundaries and didn’t apologize for it, that’s Kanye motherf*cking West. In Beyoncè’s voice: Bow Down B*tches!

5. Famous

Famous has garnered over 47 million views to this present day and it was the talk of the whole industry and beyond it when it came out. From Anna Wintour to Bill Cosby, the music video feels like a snippet from a movie on the dark web. Albeit with a hundred thousand more dislikes than likes, Famous left its mark on the entertainment industry for both its naked wax bodies and the Taylor Swift line. Madame Tussauds can only dream.

4. Runaway

This one comes from Kanye’s fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and boy does it deliver. For those too young to know all of Kanye’s body of work, Runaway is just one sequence from his visual album which you can watch right HERE. Kanye got inspired by Federico Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, and Karl Lagerfeld. Art connoisseurs know the names way too well. Speaking of Runaway, it stole the spotlight as it had a ridiculously memorable basis: a whole lot of ballerinas dressed in black next to West playing a white piano. The cinematography, the emotions expressed through their movements, and equally the poker face Kanye has gotten us used to, all mount to a very iconoclastic showpiece. The music video and the full-length film were way ahead of their time, being released in 2010. An entire 11 years ago. As of March 31, 2021, Runaway, the solo music video, has garnered over 62 million views.

3. No Church In The Wild

At 92 million views, No Church In The Wild is another movie on its own. The monumental ingredient to this visual is the depiction of a full-fledged revolution. It might even be hard to stomach for some. But Kanye West did it again. He paired the most enthralling visuals with a most somber record. Kanye mastered the love me or hate me reaction. That’s the biggest lesson for independent artists. No reaction is the worst reaction. The prophetic imagery of the music video aged fine like wine. Just take a look around us. With the pandemic and the riots and the sudden global changes, Kanye is a damn musical genius and visionary. Anybody saying otherwise is an idiot.

2. Flashing Lights

Flashing Lights was hella shocking when it first came out. You might remember being a teenager and doing double-takes at the part where the lady in lingerie beats the crap outta the guy in the trunk with a f*cking shovel. By the way, is that Kanye? What catapulted this visual to global recognition was a successful blend of two catalysts: a very catchy song plus a very triggering, unusual video. Just as there were a ton of ballerinas and visual cues in Runaway, Flashing Light is the antithesis of it focalizing the entire narrative on a semi-naked lady driving, stopping, taking off her coat, smoking, and then beating her presumably former lover. Flashing Lights is a whole product. The music is not as fun without its visual counterpart and vice-versa. As of March 31st, 2021, it amassed more than 94 million views.


POWER instills the feeling and undeniable atmosphere of someone superior, ethereal that has descended on Earth to inform mortals on how things really are. The 3D space is created by layering 2D photos and cut out video sequences that create the illusion of movement. Think of a collage done with paper AND video. The photographic composition strongly hints at an artwork equal to those of the big classics. The color scheme, Kanye’s protruding eyes, his bigger-than-life chain, the surrounding angel-like women sporting devil-like horns, the slow-motion factor, it all mounts to pure EPICNESS. Nobody sane in this world could watch this piece of art and remain indifferent. This is how you make history. The music video has gathered a whopping 126 million views as of March 31st 2021.

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