7 Great Subjects For Live Streaming As A Musician

Some of you are insanely talented and equally as scared when it comes to social media marketing. Live streams are a huge part of today’s organic promotion. They’re favored on ALL platforms. From Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, to YouTube, Twitter, and Vero. Since half of our audience are independent artists, we’ve compiled for you a list of 7 Great Subjects For Live Streaming As A Musician.

7. Talking To A Collaborator

Whether it’s before or after the collaboration came out, you can never go wrong by introducing the person you’ve collaborated with to your audience. Your listeners will have the unique opportunity to connect visually, emotionally, and acoustically to this new talent you’ve decided to pair up with.

6. Previewing Unreleased Material

While not a recommended consistent experience for you to engage in, it does pay off entertaining your fans with a live preview every now and then of an upcoming song. It’s best if you’re in a professional environment though, preferably with other professionals as well such as recording and sound engineer, as to always remind your viewers that you’re a professional music artist.

5. A Q&A Session With Your Fans

Easiest live stream to pull off if you got at least a hundred fans willing to tune in and engage with you. Remember to have a thick skin and ignore rude folks while ALWAYS prioritizing positive and supportive fans! Do NOT let yourself get distracted by a cuss word or two. The more famous you get, the more sh*t you’ll get in your comment section as well. Everywhere you’ll go.

4. Behind The Scenes Live Footage

When you’re shooting your next music video, get a friend to shoot how you shoot your next video. Shootception. It is entertaining, it gives your fans a truly behind-the-scenes experience, and if it’s a good-looking music video set, it boosts your credibility enormously.

3. A Photoshoot

A photoshoot is just as fun as a music video shoot if not more in some cases as you can engage with the viewers whereas a music video doesn’t allow you the luxury of stopping to say hi to your audience. Have someone you trust to respond to the comments and questions while producing a good-angled live stream of you.

2. A Live Show IF…

If you can absolutely guarantee your audience a high quality stream. Nobody likes distortion, hissing, blurred image, background noise, badly lit room. We haven’t looked into how that is possible but apparently it is. Do your homework and treat your Live show as you would a stadium performance.

1. A Break At Work

As a musician that is. Don’t stream at your day job please as you might lose it! But when you get the luxury of being in the studio by yourself and want to talk to your fans, do what Ann Marie did and have your music playing on low volume in the background while you just kick it back on IG live. Make sure you mention this is a break and that you have a limited amount of time to spend. People and fans will treat you as seriously as you treat yourself. Have fun!

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