Act A Fool By The O, What A Rap Tour De Force Looks And Sounds Like

Today’s featured song comes from a prolific songwriter that we here at Blue Rhymez Entertainment look up to. The O has the ability to convincingly and easily depict an entire party by the sheer use of his flow, voice, and energy infliction. His long hooks and devilishly catchy delivery are key elements that we see repeated consistently in both Part Of The Plan and most recently, Act A Fool. The latter is richly ornated by fire ad-libs, humourous bars, and a dope music video that makes you question the validity of the music industry. Because this guy, The O, should be popping on the Billboard charts. His product is ready!

I came to act a fool/ I’m quick to smack a fool/ I like to pack the tools/ Shawty gon’ bag the jewels/ Gucci my fit/ Roll me a Vic/ Grind through the afternoon/ I leave ya black blue/ Gimme a rag that’s blue/ Shawty what’s happenin’?” you might be the most ginger of nerds but you’ll still feel gangsta bumping to this hook! The O’s flow hits with mathematical precision on the beat and the two blend harmoniously to the point of doubting the credibility of mainstream rappers. The O didn’t come to play.

When asked what inspired him to pen this banger, The O says: “I’d just drove four hours to pick up a contract and the other parties didn’t have their business fully together… So instead of acting a fool and making matters worse, I wrote this song that reflected how I felt . That was actually my first beat from Ka.The.Sun God. I wouldn’t change a thing.” Knowing that the record is based on a real-life situation only makes it that much better. We approve.

The swag-filled, bigger-than-life pervading personality shines lustrously when paired with the artist’s facial expressions, body language, and Cuban cigar. If you’re wondering why we’re going between the lyrics, beat, and visuals, well… Act A Fool is an entire product. All of its pillars make for a memorable experience. You hear the breezy instrumental with loud, stringent drums and you find yourself in the meantime following The O’s blue smoke bomb in the video. You are amused seeing his million faces and then you find yourself replicating them while also rapping along to the hook. As a consumer, you hastily discover you are enjoying all aspects of Act A Fool simultaneously. And when you’re done, you’re like: I gotta watch this again!

Speaking of those humourous bars we’ve mentioned initially, here they come: “Hatin’ b*tch that’s bogus/ Smoke the flower, no lotus/ High as f*ck when I wrote it/ True sh*t if I spoke it/ Bad b*tch if I poke it/ Rocketman if I smoke it/ Dragon ball if I tote it.” Using lotuses and Dragon Ball Z while making sense, takes talent 😀 The second verse flaunts a similar lyrical approach: “Pull up in ya hood/ I’ll paint ya face/ Like a Viking man/ I kick sh*t to my liking man/ Real player fly like Iron Man/ Pretty Tony/ Real-life goon/ No phony.” Add Vikings, Pretty Tony, and Iron Man to the mix. This is a movie!

Before we end the review, let’s talk a second about those people in the video! We wanted to know, right up there with what inspired this record, who’s that cool dude doing push-ups! “They’re all long time family and friends,” says The O. He continues: “The brother doing the push-ups is actually my brother Dubb Slimm. The beautiful woman with dreads is Nadia. The brother wearing the glasses – TINIE. The other brother with the fitted cap on is Jay Soul.” An endearing shout out done right.

Act A Fool is an exultant celebration of having fun instead of getting angry that emphasizes The O’s storytelling ability. And not just that. The Rap artist merged the power of his words, with the influence of his emotions, with the energy of his visuals, and granted you, the audience, a song as potent as a B12 shot.

Song Credits: Ismail Al-Muid (The O)- Artist, Songwriter; Malik Haywood  (Ka.the.Sun God) – Music Producer; Collin Miller (BCM Recording studios) – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you add the song to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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