I Want by Sargeant Q (Spanglish Version), The Top Bilingual Rap Fire You’ve Heard in 2021

With a global audience increasingly drawn to globalization in a most positive way, bilingual artists are becoming the norm and we’re here for it! SARGEANT Q provides a compelling example of new-age artistry on his latest release, I Want, through the successful interchangeable use of English and Spanish. The Rap entertainer loads his bars with impactful and glorious delivery, going full monster mode from the getgo and launching himself into beastly ad-libs in the background with highly energetic rhymes in the foreground.

Conscious of the initial impact of a song within those first seconds, SARGEANT Q very intentionally shouts out 2021 following it with his own name, and finally adding a scream that would make the likes of Tekashi 6ix9ine jealous. “I want several cars with no keys/ Push the button to start it/ I need a driver/ I just want cars/ Just to say that I got it/ I want a huge house on a hill/ Just to overlook the mountain/ Tired of people looking down on my city/ Especially those who ain’t got it,” woof! That hit hard. The city SARGEANT Q is repping is Providence, Rhode Island. Demanding respect for your city on a record is worthy of respect in itself.

As the first verse plumbs the foundation of I Want, SARGEANT Q is as natural rapping in Spanish as he is in English. “Estoy un rey en mi barrio/ Put* es sin comico/ All my hatas keep drinking that hatorade/ No bebas demasiado/ I’m too much for you n*****/ Por favor sacar mi polla/ Perra te pongaen la tierra/ Y quemar tu casa/ No me hagas enorjado/ Porque te mostrare algo,” proves the Rapper that he can spit fire and construct bars astutely enough as to rhyme fluidly regardless of the chosen language.

The artist raps with such fervor that you get all pumped without needing to hit the gym. And what we like a whole lot is that cool, clear, sharp diction he puts to direct use. Let’s all agree on one thing. Although the beat is phenomenal, the voice is the leader and the music follows. I Want is exceptionally rare in that regard as many modern Rap artists are carried by their beats. Not SARGEANT Q. True to his stage moniker.

The intense and gifted artist engages in some… heavy painting: “I’m just sick of you n*****/ Maten mi nombre fuera de tu boca/ I bet it taste like sh*t/ Diarrhea with da piss/ Public sh*t with no tissue/ Now you gotta walk away with the mooshu.” Maybe we should have put a visual trigger warning 😀 And before we conclude the review, we want you to observe SARGEANT Q’s flow mastery as he molds it to his liking and we hear him speed up, slow down, entice the atmosphere, let it cool, and start from scratch. That’s not just a rapper. That’s an entire songwriter.

I Want is an abrupt, fancy change of acoustic and lyrical scenery from the usual beaten-to-death-drugs-and-money Rap narrative. While apparently baleful, SARGEANT Q is simply demanding respect for his ambition and his city and he does it in two languages simultaneously. We’ll call that a definite win!

Make sure you add the song on Tidal HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE.

Song Credits: Quentin D James (SARGEANT Q) – Artist, Songwriter.

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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