5 DMX Interviews That Will Make You A Better Artist And Better Person

We’ve indubitably lost a legend yesterday. April 9th, 2021 will be a very commemorated day for years to come by true hip hop heads and that is how it’s supposed to be. How many of you knew that DMX stands for Dark Man Extreme? Not many. And did you know he was one of the absolute best-selling Hip Hop artists in history? He sold over 23 million ALBUMS. Not records, albums. Today’s Soundcloud rappers can only dream. And with that being said, let’s dive into 5 interviews you can extract plenty of knowledge from, both as an independent artist and as a human being.

5. DMX Interview On Oh Drama! (2002)

DMX had a genuine aura of simplicity and authenticity. You see him and you feel his sincere expressions. This is not a man trying to convince anyone of anything. He was a living proof of what he was saying and rapping about. Look at the very minimal amount of jewels. If he was trying to come up today, people wouldn’t consider him at all since social media messed us all up in the head and shifted our perspective on an artist’s worth based off the bling amount. What you have to take away from this interview is his natural demeanor and conversational approach he employs with the hosts. That makes him instant-likable.

4. DMX Interview On Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers (unknown date, around a decade ago)

The way DMX does not try to conceal one single detail or title about his past legal issues is shocking in 2021. Nobody can hate on an artist that doesn’t shy away from admitting his wrongdoings. One brilliant feature we have NOT seen any new artists do is ASKING the interviewer questions! Seems that up and coming talents are all about themselves and less about actually getting to know who’s talking to you. Whereas DMX asked a very direct question, waited for the answer, and engaged yet AGAIN based off the response he got from Dr. Drew. That is how you become memorable for a lifetime.

3. DMX Interview In Jail on 01/17/2009

Sheesh! Talk about staying positive at all times. DMX gained a cult-like following because he inspired people to keep pushing, keep striving, keep hoping. He did all of that mostly indirectly and by being a living example. The way he summarizes his negative experience into a purposeful path, it is mind-blowing to say the least. By remaining a beam of hope at all times, he guaranteed his audience positive feelings in all of his interactions. His fans consciously or subconsciously KNEW that his interviews were going to be genuine, his shows uplifting, and his book inspirational. And that is WHY they loyally bought his merch, CDs, tapes, show tickets. DMX stayed consistent in his message whether he realized it or not.

2. DMX Interview With The Breakfast Club on 6/28/2016

At 24:30 is when the industry talk starts. He drops some REAL knowledge and respect code when recounting how P. Diddy told him his voice was not marketable. And we quote: “At the end of the day, that is your opinion. Am I supposed to get mad ’cause you don’t like me? […] Aight, cool.” The level of professionalism this Hip Hopper naturally flaunted even when confronted with rejection, is laudable. Today, we are afraid of being honest with artists because they quickly turn to leave baseless, hateful comments on social media and in the Reviews section just to get back at us when in reality… We just don’t find their music good enough to write about. We pray one day, the independent music sphere will reach DMX maturity and level of respect for criticism.

1. Talib Kweli & DMX on 09/11/2020

We want to applaud Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for being so nice, well-informed, and well-spoken in this interview. Many hosts, unfortunately, see themselves superior to their guests since they talk to celebrities day in and day out. Talib and Jasmin, however, were super respectful to someone who was not modern-day relevant anymore (someone forward the link to those two disrespectful young women interviewing OT Genasis). As for DMX, he yet again educated his viewers on his biased thinking when it came to doing the Ruff Ryder’s Anthem saying that sometimes it pays off to listen to those around you, especially if they got your best interest at heart. The whole hour and thirteen minutes are easily digestible, pleasing to the soul, and inspirational to the core.

DMX you will be missed and you will continue to educate generations through what you left behind. Your words and your legacy.

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