How To Get Streaming Money From Napster

Napster is a big lesson on market value. While they’re the LEAST popular streaming platform, online reports varying from 3 million to 5 million users at most, they’re compensating in the compensation part. Meaning, they have the absolute highest payout rate for artists according to ALL sources. Ditto and Digital Music News report Napster to be paying $0.019 per stream. Read below to find out how to capitalize on their payout rates.

What Is Napster?

Founded in 1999 and described as an Internet-file-sharing-software, Napster was very popular in its initial days as it allowed users to download for FREE its music. The issue is that they were the first ones to be so bold in encouraging free music files exchange. Sure, the record labels could not capitalize on the downloads in that very instant BUT… smaller artists who had no sponsors or promotional campaigns benefited greatly off these free downloads, with the most notorious example being Kid A, who, as a result of Napster organic push, went straight to NUMBER ONE on Billboard 200 sales chart in its debut week. A fat lawsuit later and after serious financial hits, Best Buy acquired the platform for $121 million in September 2008. Then three years later, it got merged with Rhapsody. In August 2020 Napster got bought by MelodyVR for a reported $70 million.

How Do I Get People To Stream My Music On Napster?

Migrating your fans to Napster would be mental. But if so happens that you come across someone who’s using the service, especially in US, adapt your presentation to THAT person. Don’t make them switch to the more popular platforms that pay you less just to be able to hear you out. We’ve encountered artists who just put up their Spotify link in their bio. Don’t do that if you want streaming money. Put up a link tree and place Napster on top. 99% of people will scroll right past it as they will inherently be attracted to what they already use. BUT… if your new visitor just so happens to be one of the 5 million people using Napster, he/she will instantly feel privileged to add you to their Napster library as very few even acknowledge the streaming platform. The moment they do that, they literally give you money for every single stream. According to THIS streaming calculator, a thousand streams on Napster will pay you $20. Do you know how much Spotify gives you for the same amount? 4 damn dollars. IF… IF they deem your streams as legit.

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