Hollywood Dreamer by Tayiha, The Realest Pop Record You’ve Ever Heard

If you’re a teenager hearing this song out for the first time, you’ll smile ear to ear and lip sync in front of the mirror. If you’re a grown adult who’s grown up with big dreams and then life has hit you smack-dab in the face, you’ll cry at hearing your innocent self singing back to you from the past. The innocence Tayiha employs while singing with a most hopeful tone on her latest release, Hollywood Dreamer, will cut across the rigidity you’ve built around your heart and make you gawk at the sincerity such a young lady dares to display. A magical voice, a kind heart, a courageous soul. Goosebumps delivered from Brisbane Qld Australia!

What sounds like wind sweeping low on the ground paired with a lugubrious but warm guitar, serves as a neat pre-built for Tayiha’s vaporous, ethereal voice: “Hollywood styles/ They look so perfect that way/ I can’t compete with/ These people in LA/ Making a name up on that stage/ So I can sing to a crowd/ Grammy in my hand/ I’ll be proud.” Darling, haven’t we all thought that watching TV as kids. The songwriter’s thought process is so relatable that it hurts. And her pipes are so unmistakably soprano that you might be getting Disney flashbacks of all those princesses singing. Mind you, we’ve met Tayiha before when we talked about her song The One You Need. We all unanimously agree, while that record was mighty impressive, Hollywood Dreamer is a definite mark of admirable progress.

After a second part of the first verse equally as stunning and compelling, the hook comes in and takes it home: “I thought I thought/ It wouldn’t be this hard/ I’m not, I’m not/ Even on the radar/ Never seen and still not heard/ Thought it’d be much easier/ I’m just, I’m just A Hollywood Dreamer yeah.” Man or woman, young or old, American or not, if you ever stepped foot in the music industry and your name is not Beyoncè, you’re bawling on the inside right about now. It is indeed the hardest job in the world that doesn’t even pay you for your efforts until you’re friends with freakin’ Bruno Mars basically. Frustration aside, Tayiha will become the People’s Pop Star if she continues to bring such candor on such top-notch produced tracks.

The outstanding beauty of Hollywood Dreamer becomes somewhat tangible later on in the last part of the song for the dream becomes a goal, and the hope becomes a promise: “A million followers hanging off my words/ Keep on going now I’ve put in the work/ Know it’s crazy but I’m on my way/ Yeah Imma make it someday/ Around the world flying in a jet plane/ New city different crowd every day/ I’m mad ain’t nobody know me now/ But Imma make them somehow.” Do take notice of her irreproachable voice control and pitch-perfect high notes. Are we witnessing a legend in the making? Time will tell but we sure as hell love Tayiha’s voice, message, and veracity.

We’d recommend this gorgeous record to all the women who still have that lil girl inside dreaming big. This song might just inspire you to get your hopes up again. We’d also say it’s the perfect song for the hardcore dudes who secretly watch My Little Pony. We know there’s plenty of you out there!

Song Credits: Tayiha Grant (Tayiha)- Singer, Songwriter; Stuart Stuart (from Analog Heart Records) – Music Producer, Sound Engineer.

You make sure you support this most promising artist on the rise by streaming Hollywood Dreamer on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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