7 Biggest Musicians Of The ’80s You Should Be Following On Instagram (part 1)

How about we start showing more love to musicians whose careers have spanned over decades and decades and are STILL doing their thing? Let’s support these legends while they’re still here and still inspire us. Plus… they’ve encountered success at levels that most modern stars will probably never fathom as the internet has killed all the mystery and enigma surrounding celebrities. From filled-out stadiums, hundreds of millions of sold copies, and fascinatingly powerful voices to this day in 2021, meet the biggest 80’s musicians you should be following on Instagram.

7. Rick Astley

Probably the top meme-ed song from the ’80s that got ridiculous modern-day popularity thanks to the wonderful and simultaneously weird world of the internet. Rick Astley‘s monstrous hit charted number one in 25 entire countries in 1987. You can follow the king on Instagram HERE to check on his surprisingly candid selfie videos, cover songs, behind-the-scenes shots, and him just having fun. His curated feed hints of an era that many of you didn’t even get to live through, an era of class, politeness, mannerism.

6. Bonnie Tyler

The Welsh Pop star, Bonnie Tyler, is one of the few artists who’s seamlessly managed to cross the ocean with her music and sell over a million copies of her 5th studio album, Faster Than The Speed Of Night, in US alone. Despite her late ’70s and ’80s fame, the lady is very underrated today (she hasn’t been verified yet) which is why you should follow her on Instagram HERE and maybe even send a message or two as she’s very likely to get back to you. Bonnie posts plenty of fan works, throwback photos, current photos, and even throwback videos which are a delight to retro connaisseurs.

5. Bryan Adams

The Canadian guitarist and Pop-Rock vocalist, Bryan Adams, is impressively present on social media with over 2.6k posts on Instagram alone. He’s sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Let that number sink in. Thanks to his geographical advantage of being in the vicinity of the US, Bryan Adams managed to build one hell of a career with hardcore supporters both in America and Canada. Today he’s asking his fans to go vegan, reposts cool tattoos of his fans, takes hipster selfies (including a selfie at the dentist), shows off his guitar collection, and overall seems like the youngest uncle the world could ask for. He’s mega cool.

4. Steve Perry

During the times that Steve Perry was the lead singer of Journey, they had the absolute biggest success and turned the world on its head with their hit song Don’t Stop Believin’. What’s so special about this song? Well… The record is actually THE top sold DIGITAL song of the 20th century with over 7 million copies sold in the US alone. Do you understand how epic this is? The song was big in 1981 and then transitioned to digital success. Insert a teach-me-master meme. The man is such a savage that he follows NOBODY on Instagram. In true musician fashion, Steve Perry only posts music-related content and his voice is out of this world still.

3. Thomas Anders

The German lead singer of Modern Talking, Thomas Anders, is dashingly good-looking for closing in on 60. Looks apart, the Popstar and his stage partner Dieter Bohlen, have sold together over 120 million album copies and have engraved themselves in the European Pop culture. Seriously, if you know anyone over 40 from Europe, ask them about Modern Talking and they’ll start talking endlessly 😀 You can follow Thomas on Instagram HERE to see his newest releases that curiously enough, are produced in that same exact ’80s style. And it’s working for the guy. Whenever he tours in Russia or Europe, stadiums fill up.

2. Annie Lenox

One of the most eclectic faces of the ’80s accompanied by a historical hit song! Annie Lenox is the one whose voice you’ve been trying to imitate and failed repeatedly every time Sweet Dreams comes on the radio or at parties. The way that record survived, thrived, and continues to inspire up to freaking 2021, is mind-blowing. You can follow the legend herself on Instagram HERE. She’s still got those golden pipes in top shape and posts quite a lot of piano performances. It is most endearing to see this woman at work in this day and age.

1. Cyndi Lauper

About to hit A BILLION views on her 1983 behemoth hit, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper is one lady to admire and aim to age like. Her career lasted four awesome decades, she’s sold over 50 million albums, she’s on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and is said to have one of the best albums of ALL TIMES. You can follow the one and only on Instagram HERE and you’ll be amazed at the vitality this woman oozes, the pink lipstick she NEVER forgets, the cool hairdos she sports, the causes and charities she stands for.

We won’t ask you for donations but we do ask you to please support the extremely hard-working artists we hand-picked from across the globe by streaming the playlist below:

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