Top 10 Most Uplifting Songs Of 2021

We are extremely proud of the following list. We’ve compiled the Top 10 Most Uplifting Songs of 2021 that will serve you faithfully from the first listen to the hundredth repeat throughout the year. You will love each song for different reasons and we’ve made it that much easier for you to add new entries to your Don’t Lose Your Hope playlist. We all got one and you know it!

10. Thisday by Xcanon

Did you ever fathom that spirituality could sound badass AF? Neither did we. Xcanon created a most unique piece named Thisday. Abundant swag, easily memorable hook, pleasant instrumentation, the song is just marvelous and most original in essence. The new artist recently released a top promising album of an entire 15 records named Foundation. His body of work is uplifting through its admission of shortcomings and a higher calling. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

9. Realer Than Real by Ka$ino

Aaay self belief and reliance! Ka$ino crafted a very hybrid-ish rap-trap-pop record named Realer Than Real. The song is fun, catchy, and very boss-mode-activated. The independent artist has by now accustomed his fans to high-quality visuals accompanying his mainstream-like records. You’ll be left questioning the entire industry when you start listening to his music. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

8. Hold On To Your Faith by Rusty Saunders

Hold On To Your Faith is as Soul as Gospel can get. Rusty Saunders singing is like witnessing a master at work. He commands the beat and leads the choir voices seamlessly. His natural warm tone also helps with his impressive delivery. The song is of tranquil nature and puts your mind and spirit at ease. Rusty speaks of holding on to your true beliefs and faith during trying times and how it will all pay off. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

7. God Got Me by LeQuita

From Rap bars to soprano high notes, God Got Me is a sign of God having your back in itself. A most contagious smile, an inviting spirit, a blooming energy, LeQuita is phenomenal in her artistry and quite seriously, impossible not to like. If you ever feel alone, this is the song that’ll reassure you of your meaningful existence on this planet. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

6. Align 2.0 by Shilpa Ananth

The only Dance-House on this list ⭐ Align 2.0 is in a lane of its own. The formidable black-and-white music video meshed with a colorful alternative universe, makes for a most memorable end product. The song is epic, complex, and features an unlikely pairing of an Indian vocalist, Shilpa, with a Brooklyn-based producer, Jarred Barnes (ARKTKT). In true 2021 fashion, Shilpa is marching to the beat of her own drums and we’re here for it. And of course, the message is on par with all else. It speaks of a woman thinking she’s trapped in her circumstances only to find out the grass is not greener on the other side. Deep stuff, no joke. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

5. SET FREE (Remix) by Vinny Vincere

SET FREE (Remix) is radically awesome. The artist, Vinny Vincere, indirectly encourages you through his first-person recounts of his past life to his present self. Vinny turns out to be an astute songwriter as he beautifully formatted SET FREE to be instantaneously liked and accepted by the listener. You will warm up to the song as soon as the first hook hits. Fun fact? Despite his gorgeous voice, Vinny says he’s never been formally trained but that he enjoys writing melodic hooks with other artists’ voices in mind. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

4. Brave by Lovana

With a most vibrant and equally sultry voice, Lovana yet again came to turn readers into fans and boy does she deliver. Brave is about encouraging her friend to leave the toxic relationship that’s consuming her life. Lovana’s pipes are out of the world and her message is most positive, optimistic, and worth taking into consideration if you can relate to the aforementioned situationship. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

3. Foolish Love by Stevie Sightz

Fresh off his 20/20 album, with an authentic, organic old-school flavor to it, Foolish Love takes self-awareness to the next level and touches on a plethora of subjects. From past mistakes, to present-day temptations, to the very clear and confident future, Stevie Sightz embodies the extraordinary nature of the human spirit. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

2. Gifted by Phoenix Versityle

The Afrobeat infused song, Gifted, marks a spectacular commercial arrival of Phoenix Versityle on the music market. The song might as well be called the definition of uplifting. The harmonies, the spotless production, the singer’s alto voice, all come together to offer you a magical record for both sunny and rainy days. You need this song in your life. Trust us. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

1. Hollywood Dreamer by Tayiha

Hollywood Dreamer has won over our readers instantly. It is most refreshing hearing such a young talent be real about the struggle and not pretend things are going great all the damn time. A-listers take care of that. Tayiha is a beam of hope in the modern Pop genre as she abides by the classic sonic structure while she’s doing her own thing lyrically. Add the song on Spotify HERE.

We won’t ask you for donations, but we ask you to please support the extremely hard-working artists we hand-picked from across the globe by streaming the playlist below. A little of your time is one step closer for at least 20 artists in the direction of their dreams.

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