7 Daily Habits You Should Be Actively Engaging In As A Music Artist

We are creatures of habits and you know it. You get fit because you work out daily and equally you gain circumference because you are dedicated to it on a regular basis. As nothing major happens overnight, your caliber as a musician too is subject to your consistency. We’ve interviewed hundreds of artists and have equally worked alongside some of the greatest names and here are 7 habits you should be actively engaging in as a music artist as per Blue Rhymez Entertainment observations. If you want to manifest your dream career that is.

7. Taking Care Of Your Voice

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Whether you’re a rapper or singer, keeping your voice in shape is mandatory for a long-term career. At the very minimum, you should vocalize alongside the basic scales. Also, you should always have the physical health of your voice in the back of your mind and lifestyle. That means no smoking, alcohol, or too much acidy fruits and foods that can damage your vocal chords. Also never drink beverages that are too hot. We’ve learned this from an Opera singer who told us that it is better to drink ice cold water than a hot tea for your throat. And do take care of your tonsils. If they’re chronically infected, take them out. At the hospital of course.

6. Informing Yourself On The Latest Changes In The Industry

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You should subscribe to the most reliable music news source in your country and read them every single day in the morning. You’ll be shocked at how intuitive you become in your artistic choices when you learn from everyone else’s mistakes and successes. Plus you’ll be way ahead of your competitors. Billboard Daily, Music Think Tank, and Rolling Stone Magazine are great places to start.

5. Networking With Potential Collaborators

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Don’t approach social media to make friends. Every minute you spend on Instagram looking at someone else’s profile you should be automatically asking and answering the following questions: What genre does this artist specialize in? How many followers he has? Are they real? Is his music on the same level quality wise as mines? What country is he from? Would his audience easily embrace me? When was the latest release he put out? How many streams he got on it? Yeah buddy, you MUST be analyzing other artists’ profiles as if you’re about to hand them ten thousand dollars to jump on a song with you. If you don’t find them virtually worthy of your dollars, don’t put in the time to find out who they are.

4. Connecting With Fans

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You should separate the two before you even log in. What we advise our artists to do is dedicate 30 minutes to finding peers and 30 minutes to finding fans. When it’s about connecting with your fans and establishing a lasting artist-fan connection, you want to hit like, reply, follow back, even comment on a post or two of their own. You act friendly and warm towards fans. An attitude you do NOT want to employ with number 5 as they’ll see you inferior to themselves and spike up their feature prices when you do ask for a collaboration.

3. Reading And Writing

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Whoever doesn’t acknowledge the influence of reading a good book on a songwriter, is a damn fool. The more you read, the better you write. And the more you write, the faster you’ll hone the ability to pen legendary records. You might think you’re great but chances are you’re average. If you were that great, you wouldn’t be reading this right now and you’d be on conference calls with A&Rs. Too many artists are too worried about putting money into marketing when the songs themselves are subpar. So take another minimum of 30 minutes daily to become a better writer.

2. Maintaining Your Overall Health

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Because honey, if you get some nasty disease or compromise your immunity, your career WILL suffer. And of course, if God forbid you get physically hurt. It won’t be the end of the world but you most definitely will have that less of a chance to succeed. The music business is all consuming and demanding of your existence really. You need great, tremendous health to push 24/7 towards your dreams. If you get a cavity, fix it. If you got weak muscles, tone up. If you can’t bend for sh*t, go take yoga classes. And for God’s sake, STAY FAR FROM ADDICTIONS OF ANY TYPE. Nothing will have you six feet under faster than an addiction. Be it andrenaline, drugs, or too much work. Know yourself.

1. Counting Your Blessings

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If we sounded like assholes in this article, it’s because we don’t sugarcoat our articles. With that being said, it’s really easy to get depressed when pursuing this impossible dream. The way you stay grounded and optimistic is by counting your blessings. Just by being able to go online and read whatever you please, you are already freer than all of the population in North Korea will ever be. Can you imagine being born there with a desire to be a Rock singer? Yeah… We thought so too. If you’re a fully functional human being, which you most likely are if you have this big of a dream to make it in the music business, then by all means, appreciate your mental and physical health and thank whoever you believe in for it. Nobody has ever gotten rich by b*tching. So be grateful for all your trials and tribulations and small wins along the way.

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