Grown Man Business by Yungg Fattz, The Perfect Rap-to-RnB Power Statement

Yungg Fattz, the most liked and commented Rap artist on our Instagram, is back with an ode dedicated to successful men, their business ventures, and the high class lifestyle. Heck, the cover artwork speaks for itself with the other two collaboratos seamlessly creating a visual statement. Grown Man Business is a perfect acoustic impression of the modern but adult go-getter rendered in a Rap-to-R&B fashion by Yungg Fattz, Dre Lane, and Harold Jamez. It seems by now that Yungg Fattz has specialized in revisiting the money subject with constant innovation. Big applause!

The song’s introductory sequence flirts with a ’90s feel through the conjuction of heavy reverb, layered processed vocals, organ-like sonic infliction, prolonged FX drop, extended harmonies. “This is grown man business/ The kind of swag that don’t need a witness/ Pull up in the Bentley so quick/ Dropping them bags, popping them tags,” sings Dre Lane. And here is where the acoustic time reference to the ’90s makes sense. The old-school auditory sophistication proves these artists are grown men indeed.

Dre Lane then follows with a high-pitched falsetto in the second part of the hook: “You know how we bless that cash/ With grown man biz/ Grown man (x4)/ This is how a grown man does business.Dre Lane sounds inherently R&B-ish relying laboriously on his vocals to lead the beat, fill the void, and augment the song experience. A curious setup for we know Yungg Fattz is a bonafide rapper.

The flow is tight sure you right/ I’m the one you can say I’m the prototype/ Explode yeah the flow is dynamite/ From bricks to whips to meetings on ships/ Fettuccine and a bottle of that E-40 sh*t,” comes in Yungg Fattz with a fascinating synthesis of impetuous bars and wordly material fascinations. The Hip Hop influence increases over the second part of Yungg Fattz’s verse: “A demigod on some royalty sh*t/ A beach boy yeah that’s that Long Beach sh*t/  I’m Nate Dogg I’m going to stay on some gangsta sh*t/ I’m Nate Dogg I’m going to stay on some gangsta sh*t.” Speaking of beach boys, both Yungg Fattz and Dre Lane, the singer on the hook, are from Long Beach, California. When asked how the song came about, Yungg Fattz shared exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “I met Harold Jamez at Calywood Radio. We both had an interview there. And I met Dre Lane at one of my previous video shoots at a dance studio. Me and Harold, we’ve been friends for years before we did this song. I first played the track for him while we were driving and he really liked it. We decided on grown man business as we’re both interested in being successful and conducting ourselves accordingly. Then I invited Dre Lane to be a part of the song a couple of weeks later and he was all for it.

The third artist, Harold Jamez, finds potent expression in aggressive delivery: “Sipping on a glass cognac/ Reminiscing on how I use to move crack/ Now I move Crypto move Nasdaq/ Move crowds BMI, move ASCAP/ F*ck with my money you get ass capped.” Harold Jamez is exceptionally able in meticulous high-class, real-life based conveyance, making reference to both Yungg Fattz and Dre Lane: “Hurricane Louisiana where I’m birthed at/ Lake Charles you wanna know where the turf at/ Yungg Fattz Long Beach, where the chips at/ International Guap, yeah we rich black/ …/ Kings and Queens and we all about the assets/ Grown Man Business, Dre Lane bring the hook back!” The Rap artist’s flow follows perfect rhyming and a very straightforward directive. A grown man rapping indeed.

With one last hook Grown Man Business comes full circle and ends on the same hook it started with. The two Rap artists, Yungg Fattz and Harold Jamez approach their verses in a similar, powerful fusion, whereas Dre Lane becomes the flexible ingredient to the mix, rendering the record a commanding yet melodic showpiece.

Song Credits: Lawrence Henderson (Yungg Fattz), Harold Jamez, Dre Lane – Artists, Songwriters; Json Martin – Vocal Engineer.

Make sure you support Yungg Fattz, Dre Lane, and Harold Jamez by streaming Grown Man Business on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, Amazon Music HERE, Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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