Please Don’t Go by Diane Malloy, A Personal Prayer Set On Breathtaking Organic Music

Judging based on the cover artwork, Please Don’t Go is exactly all of that and more. The record released by the wondrous singer from the Bronx, Diane Malloy, simultaneously grants the answer and the proof to why people across the world have lately been turning to Gospel and Christian music. It is a song that’s rich in instrumentation, abundant in imagery depiction, and even dark at times for it unapologetically compares the overtly toxic self-reliance most of us are drilled with and the sense of calm direction achieved with surrendering to God. “I was inspired to write the song after a series of setbacks and disappointments. I had been pushing myself and working hard but not really checking in with God like I should’ve. So I was burnt out and came to point of really knowing that it was gonna take me leaning on God to get the strength to push through,” shares Diane Malloy exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The bass, piano, tambourine, and supporting synths give off masterpiece vibes as they carefully initiate the record in tandem. The listener’s imagination is then employed for Diane Malloy’s harmony is layered and a single voice has not been put forward yet. She might be as high-pitched as she might be an alto vocalist at this very moment. Intriguing.

I spent such a long time trying to find my way in this life/ I thought that if I just tried maybe I could put the pieces together/ But the harder that I worked, the more things fell apart/ Tell me what was I doing wrong?” shoots Diane Malloy straight in the feels. If before it was a curiosity, now it’s a certainty that this highly talented woman is proficient in the alto range. Diane Malloy’s straightforward and emotionally charged message supplies the song with meaning from the getgo.

The singer quickly provides the answer to her own question, thus admitting that her past failures come from the burden she imposed on herself: “Running out of energy I finally came to see/ That it’s too hard to do it on my own.” This acute psychological insight is then followed by the beautifully rendered chorus: “I need you in my life, please stand right by my side/ Until the test of time, Lord please don’t go.” Most interesting how Diane Malloy conveyed in a single verse the entire life trajectory of almost all human beings. First, you think you’ve got it all figured out. Then you’re crumbling while holding on to self-reliant but highly toxic ideologies. Then you understand you actually know nothing. Then you surrender to the Higher Power and only THEN you truly wake up and start working in harmony with your life’s purpose. The power of Please Don’t Go’s instrumental and the glorious voice of Diane Malloy are simply put, a great triumph for the listening public.

Cause even though I’m striving to give you my everything/ Lord it gets hard sometimes, I stumble and fall/ I fail you over again/ But yet you are patient with me/ Extending your grace your mercy,” suavely and softly yet equally momentous leads the voice of the singer. The second part of the second verse flaunts the deliberate choice of questioning one’s worth, which is most likely due to the strenuous past of self-reliance as previously indicated, “I don’t even know why you love me/ But the reality is simply that I…

The final bridge stresses the need for the continuous presence of God in the singer’s life professed with uninhibited force and sincerity: “Please don’t go/ I need you, I need you/ I need you, Lord I need you in my life/ I’m desperate, I’m desperate/ I’m desperate for you, for you in my life.”

As Diane Malloy concludes the record, it becomes evident that this is a singer with first-rate vocal abilities able to flex an unshakeable vibrato to the moon and back. Please Don’t Go also comes as a spiritual confirmation that the world is changing and making abundant room for Gospel artists.

Song Credits: Diane Malloy – Artist, Singer, Songwriter.

Make sure you support Diane Malloy by streaming Please Don’t Go on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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