You Make Me by David Sparks, A Past-to-Present Fusion Between Soul Pop And Rap

David Sparks is a legend. Every time the man puts out a single, it guaranteedly comes with a high-end, professional music video. And to think he is doing this independently puts plenty of the competition to shame. Without any further ado, the newest release featuring Nin Brooks, You Make Me, is an exquisite sonic delight relying on David’s soulful singing and Nin’s lively rap. The record goes through a series of staged transformations increasingly glueing itself to your mind. From sweet guitars to savage bars, You Make Me will unite Pop and commercial Rap fans alike.

David Sparks pursues the song from its inception in a most professional way jumping straight into his verse with that golden voice of his: “I want to go back to that last September/ When I met you and free/ We laughed together/ Felt like forever.” And right after, he reminds us all why he’s such a phenomenal lyricist: “But now we’re grown and/ Forgot the moments of the past/ I know you don’t mind/ But still I care about you/ Still thinking about you/ I love you so much.” By contrasting the old memories with the new reality, which appears to be that of the average couple settled into the daily routine for a while now, he’s pulled the public back into the plot without allowing us to relax too much and take his storytelling for granted. Also, observe David’s voice control and vowel elongation to underline key words. They don’t make them like that anymore.

You make me feel calm/ In the storm and the chaos baby/ You make me feel safe in the nights/ With the lights turned off/ And I – I miss you/ Every morning/ I’ve been waiting for you to love me/ You make me feel calm/ In the chaos baby,” charmingly conquers the audience David Sparks. The not-so-obvious but lingering element of loneliness enthralls the imagination of the listener. Why the wait? Why missing the person? Is the person there except not putting effort in anymore or is this the memory of a loved one we’re talking about? Chills are sent down the spine while the masterfully curated instrumental makes you wanna bob your head and belt out the hook except you soon realize you’ll never have David Sparks’s voice so you stop 😀

Nin Brooks masters a more upbeat delivery and brings onboard Starships flow vibes: “Yooo look at me/ Vickie on the scene/ Crown for a Queen/ God’s gift to a King/ Had a long day let me brighten ya space/ Turn that frown upside down I’m the realest in the place.” The lighthearted message is a nice alteration of mood and a refreshing feminine yet strong tinge to the record. You Make Me becomes as much about empowering self-love as it is about loving your partner thanks to Nin Brooks. The rapper astutely places her rhyme schemes and entertains the audience from the beginning until the end of her verse: “Excited for the things that we ain’t done yet/ Whole body numb when you kiss my neck/ Hours by the phone sending miss you texts/ Miss you yes.” Interesting how Nin Brooks seems to be in the beginning of the relationship and recounting the thrilling aspects of it while David Sparks is the one reflecting back on it.

With one more gallant hook presented as a bridge and then back in its normal format, You Make Me concludes its 3 minutes of good music and fine lyrics. One can vividly sense the sheer joy of making music coming from both David Sparks and Nin Brooks. It’s a modern sonic marvel between a seasoned singer and a driven rapper. Beautiful.

Song Credits: Ninya Holbrook (Nin Brooks)- Artist, Songwriter; David Sparks – Artist, Songwriter, Producer; Photography Credits: Cato Pinkney.

Make sure you support both David Sparks and Nin Brooks by streaming You Make Me on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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