5 Websites That Will Help Your Brand Flourish In The Music Business (Part 2)

As Part 1 of this article has helped several of our readers rather instantly, we’re following up with Part 2. The following 5 websites are extremely useful for upcoming musicians (but not limited to artists only) who are seeking to build and establish their brand in the constantly evolving market of today. Read on and take advantage of the benefits these websites offer you yesterday.

5. Canva (website link)

Ever wondered how these companies constantly spit out astonishing IG, FB, and Tik Tok stories with the perfect color schemes and smooth transitions? They use Canva or their synonym websites. Almost nobody is building their aesthetic from scratch just as they don’t build websites from scratch. You use templates and customize that to fit your brand message and colors. From logo ideas, posters, flyers, stories, and infographics, Canva got you covered. The sooner you start experimenting with them, the faster you’ll pop out your own high-end content.

4. Online Audio Converter (website link)

Well hi hello aloha! You ever scratched your head when prompted with a dumbfounding message from your digital distributor that sounds very similar to: The following audio format is not supported. Please submit .MP3 or .WAV file. It gets especially fun if your audio engineer sends you only .FLAC files and you’re stuck not being able to submit the damn song for streaming services. Well, not anymore. Head to Online Audio Converter and they’ll do it for you. Whatever audio format you got, they will instantly convert it to the required one. FOR FREE!

3. Online-Convert (website link)

Although Online-Convert does support almost anything under the moon for converting, it excels at image converting. From quality settings, changing the size, DPI, black and white threshold, the website is very intuitive and easy to access. Big Bonus: you can even convert unsupported ebooks to your extension of choice. We’ve used the FREE service repeatedly for PDF to EPUB conversion. God bless whoever created this marvelous tool.

2. 1001 Fonts (website link)

We know in how much mental pain you are when you realize that for even the smallest announcement or printed T-shirt you need legal rights cleared for using the respective font. So how about you use fonts that are commercially free? Meaning some very kind, generous souls have created the fonts for everyone to use as they please, for commercial purposes included. So the digital flyer for your next show, the font used in your logo, the headline for your printed banner or even the projection containing text during your concert can all be safely and freely used from the commercially free fonts pool. Warning: use specifically the commercially free filter that we provided in the website link above. If you go to the home page instead, those fonts are not cleared for commercial use.

1. Mailchimp (website link)

Yes, we know there are bigger guys out there but for beginners and rookie artists with fanbases under 10k fans, Mailchimp is what you want to go with when it comes to email marketing and campaigns. The free tools they offer are astounding and will save you a lot of time and money. The templates? Ridiculously easy to adjust. The basic formulations and coding? EASY. You can add up to 2000 emails for free which is something that other services would never even consider offering you. Everyone else lets you add only about 500 emails after which you’re getting charged.

 From Avant-Pop to Rap and Rock music, these 50 talents need and deserve support more than the ones you hear on the radio. So pay us back by hearing THEM out. Thank you.

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