5 Websites That Will Make Your Brand Flourish In The Music Business (part 3)

Seems like many of our readers are bombarded by self-acclaimed marketing gurus whereas we have been in the actual music business unofficially for 15 years and officially for a little over a year. We took our time studying the market and working with A-list singers and producers to really grasp how things are done at the top level. Therefore today we’re gifting you part 3 of 5 websites that will make your brand flourish in the music business. We strongly recommend that you start using these free services right away so that you can start seeing the results of today’s effort in tomorrow’s success.

5. Unsplash (website link)

When you’re in a crisis for a cover artwork or making an announcement regarding a discount, you head to Unsplash and have your pick. All images are commercially free meaning you can twist, turn, adapt, reduce, modify, (everything else you could possibly do with an image), and SELL it too. The beauty of it is that all photos on the website are available at no cost for the entire world. You’ll be shocked to see how many malls and gyms use stock-free photos from Unsplash. If they do it, why shouldn’t you?

4. Account Killer (website link)

Meet the team made of 6 cancellation experts. These individuals have dedicated an insane amount of time and effort to provide you with all major websites’ cancellation instructions. Some companies make the cancellation process so tricky, complicated, and disheartening that you willingly give up on deleting your stuff and just leave the account open. Not anymore. Account Killer will even reply to your request personally when it comes to a website that maybe is not listed already on their pages. That Reverbnation you can’t get rid of? Time to take action.

3. Showscale (website link)

This is for the ones with at least some degree of a musical ear. If you were born with perfect pitch, this tool will only give you the names to what you already know but probably can’t recount off the bat. If you’re a musician with relative pitch, you’ll have to try a couple of times to nail the exact key of the song you’re interested in. We advise Showscale to be used before starting production. There are other websites available for digitally and automatically analyzing your song’s key once the product is officially released.

2. Web Dev (website link)

If you’re the owner of a website, which as a musician you should be, you have to test out and run audits on your property to see how it matches against the market standard. Web Dev is an amazing tool that lets you do exactly that for free! You’ll see how your SEO ranks, your loading speed, accessibility, overall performance, and so many other specs that are extremely important for a reliable brand presence.

1. Wordcounter (website link)

Hold up, don’t rush to assumptions about counting words not being relevant to your branding. In reality, it matters more than you’ve ever given it thought. Your Instagram bio only allows for 150 characters. Your Twitter bio – for 160 characters. TikTok bio – 80 characters. So every social hub you’re present on restricts people’s first impression of you because that ladies and gents is exactly what every single individual does before looking at your content: they read your damn bio. Use WordCounter way before you hop on social media and take your time crafting the short message (or a long one if you’re on YouTube in the About section) and ensure future conversion by optimizing your message to each platform accordingly.

 From Avant-Pop to Rap and Rock music, these 50 talents need and deserve support more than the ones you hear on the radio. So pay us back by hearing THEM out. Thank you.

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