Dream Party by Jodie Jay, A Much Awaited Gift For House Lovers

Let us take you back all the way to 2009 when David Guetta gifted the world One Love feat. Estelle. My oh my what a time and what a sonic sophistication we were blessed with without knowing it. And so, with a title very fitting of its rare occurrence, Dream Party by Jodie Jay is a composition that provides a spectacle unheard in ages. The song’s intricate framework unifies House music elements with Dance-Pop thus granting the public a modern-yet-vintage sounding experience.

The strikingly youthful look of Jodie Jay is justified by her only 17 years of age. If the lady can command the instrumental in such a manner now, she will reach legend status by 30. And we sure hope she stays doing music because there’s a significant portion on the market to be fulfilled when it comes to House-Pop. Coming from Upper Marlboro, Maryland by way of Alexandria, Virginia, Jodie Jay might just steal your heart today with Dream Party.

The high-pitched hypnotic sonority hypes up the atmosphere promising the public a fun ride. “I’ve been moving, all night!” goes the radiant voice of Jodie Jay. Such a warm welcome reminiscing us, milennials, of the true House and Dance era. When Bob Sinclar and David Guetta ruled the charts and Marshmello was probably getting his first facial hairs.

In authentic bonafide House fashion, Jodie Jay proceeds to sing the feel-good message of Dream Party: “Y’all don’t enjoy this as much as I do/ Y’all claim the great is champ but this right here is cool/ Just shake ya body no matter if you look a fool/ We can regain our spark with just one little groove.” Yes!!! Lighthearted words for almost a post-apocalyptic period we’ve all battled through. Jodie Jay’s voice is soft, probably in the mezzo-soprano register, with a palpable sultry tone to it. Very charming and even more so impressive considering her very young age.

When the vocal tracks get layered, that’s when the magical pre-chorus hits: “We’re all getting down/ Different people different sounds/ Cause we’re moving our bodies in different ways/ Can’t nobody stop now/ Don’t nobody want to/ Join and move your body to my dreamy beat.” Sheesh this girl’s vibrato is flawless! We don’t know for how long she’s been training her voice but the pre-chorus brings about a veteran’s vocal perspicacity. Remember the name! Jodie Jay.

The hook is a marvelous, highly simplistic getting down repetition. Those two words sung the way Jodie does, convene a genuine spirit of excitement and surrender. The piano accompanying the instrumental shines brightly on this section and elevates the high-class vibes of the record. The intermittent use of supporting vocals and the solo lead is particularly electrifying.

The second verse abides by the same melodic pattern established by the first verse and boy does it enchant your ears! “I’ve been dreaming, all my life/ This dream party/ Glad y’all heard the news/ This would bring back/ Innocence to the groove.” The highly delightful pre-chorus and chorus that follow cement the earworm factor of Dream Party. Then ensues the bridge: “I can feel the excitement/ I’ve been waiting on this moment/ What’s the deal with y’all standing/ I bet I can get y’all dancing.” Peep how Jodie Jay went really high without losing control over her pipes not even a fraction of a second. A phenomenal budding singer.

The entire section of Dream Party that takes places after minute 3 is a sort of outro-turned-prelude for the next track that will be mixed in by the DJ. This is genius. To have a House song intentionally built to blend in with other songs is the dream of any club DJ. Especially the Dance specialized ones.

Jodie Jay’s Dream Party enduringly preserves the Golden Era of House music and will hopefully lead the modern listening habits of Gen Z into paying attention to the music that paved the way for all of today’s big names. Chainsmokers and Marshmello included.

Song Credits: Jodie White (Jodie Jay) – Singer, Songwriter; Boris Dancy – Music Producer, Sound Engineer; Leroy Holden – Executive Producer.

Make sure you support the fantastic Jodie Jay by streaming Dream Party on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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